Simple Modern 2bhk House Plan

Simple Modern 2bhk House Plan – Though a 2 BHK house might not be a mansion, when planned sensibly it can be quite spacious. It’s appropriate for small families or two single flatmates. A small home is easier to preserve and comes at a low cost. This makes it a wide choice in India, particularly in places with high urban mass.

You get all the basic requirements with enough private and mutual spaces in a 2 BHK home. There are only some things to consider when it comes to such designs. Here in India, it is more mutual to see 2 BHK houses rather than 3 or 4 BHK.

Simple Modern 2bhk House Plan

Simple Modern 2bhk House Plan

Despite having very fewer space requirements, there are limitless choices for 2 BHK houses that you can select from. If you want to know more about modern 2 BHK Floor Plan Ideas for Indian Homes then read this article carefully.

What is a 2 BHK House?

A two-bedroom house comprises two bedrooms, one hall, and a kitchen with a varying number of bathrooms. Rarely, it is not rare to see extra rooms in a 2 BHK house that are used as a study room or workroom. There isn’t a certain size that 2 BHK houses must follow. It can be pretty compact or spacious, liable on the budget and requirements of the owner. Though, an ideal 2BHK single-story house should at least start from 900 square feet for a bungalow.

Here are some of the 2 BHK house floor plans that are well-suited for Indian homes:

  • 30X72 2 BHK North Facing House Plan:

Planned for a plot size of 30X72 feet, this 2 BHK house offers large space for lawn and garden on both sides of the house. This permits the living room and bedrooms to have outdoor views. The backyard can be opened from a long pathway on one side of the house. There is a single-car parking space accessible near the main entrance.

According to Vastu, the floor plan is perfect for an East facing plot with a North entry. The kitchen is located at the northeast corner and the bedroom is at the southwestern corner of the house.

  • 36X47 Vastu 2 BHK House Plan:

This 2 BHK house plan is intended for a plot size of 36X47 feet. The front space can accommodate a garden or seating area. It can also fit in a single car for parking. The living room is pretty spacious. Though, the kitchen and dining are enclosed.

The floor plan is appropriate for an East facing plot, having an entrance from the same direction as well and as per Vastu, the kitchen will face the south-eastern direction and the living room will be in the northeast direction.

  • 30X50 Vastu 2 BEDROOM House Plan:

Planned for a plot size of 30X50 feet, this compact 2 BHK house houses a roomy living room and a master bedroom with an involved toilet. The only disadvantage is that there is no dining space. 

This floor plan is appropriate for a west-facing plot. The living room is located in the northwest direction, permitting it to have enough lighting even during the evening. The master bedroom is located in the southwest direction, which is perfect for good ventilation.

  • 30X45 House 2 BEDROOM Plan:

Constructed for a plot size of 30X45 feet, this 2 BHK house houses roomy common areas with an open plan. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are located without any barriers, making it a common big space.

There is one master bedroom with a dressing planetary and an attached toilet. There is space for a single-car parking space near the main gate. This floor plan is perfect for a plot facing in the east direction. The kitchen is situated in the southeast corner.

Preferably, the living room is located in the northeast corner of the house.

  • 30X40 East Facing 2 BHK House Floor Plan:

Intended for a plot size of 30X40 feet, this house offers a big open space for living and dining rooms. The master bedroom has a devoted washroom. The other washroom is at the corner of the house, making it available for the users and guests.

Now, as per Vastu, this plan should be followed for a plot facing the east direction. The arrival to the building will be from the north direction. The bedrooms are in the southeastern direction and the living room is in the northwest corner of the house.

  • 30X30 Modern 2 BEDROOM House Plan:

Intended on a comparatively small plot of 30X 30 feet, this 2 BHK floor plan caters to all the necessities of a house. The main entrance leads straight to the living and dining space. If you wish to make the space look bigger, there is no fence between the living and dining rooms. The kitchen, though, is divided.

The floor plan is appropriate for a north-facing plot. That way, the kitchen will be preferably placed in the southeast direction with the master bedroom in the southwest. Both beds’ face is situated in the west direction.

  • 25X45 Vastu 3 BHK House Plan:

This house plan is intended for a plot size of 25X45 feet. This 2 BHK layout has a substantial living room, trailed by an open kitchen and dining space detached by an arch. Both bedrooms have an attached toilet. The house can house a single car parking.

The plan is intended preferably for a north-facing plot. Arrival from the north direction is considered favorable according to Vastu. Temporarily, the master bedroom is placed in the northwest corner, ideal for newlywed couples. Furthermore, the living room is located in the northeast corner. Both beds are located in the west direction.

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