How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last – If you’ve come to the awareness that your home or another property you own might have become the site of a termite infestation, it’s serious that you get in touch with a pest control service covering the Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County metro areas as soon as possible.

Going through a discussion and confirming the company of these insects is half of the battle, and only experienced specialists can do this ultimately. 

But once you’ve taken that vital step, you’re bound to have some questions about the procedures an exterminator uses to eliminate a termite problem and reduce the chances that those amazingly negative insects come back.

Here we are going to examine how long termite control treatments last and also what each method entails if you want to know more about it then read this article carefully.

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last

You should usually expect termite treatments to last one to five years, according to This Old House. Some sorts of extermination can keep termites out even longer – seven years or further.

The alterations lie in which method you select: Bait-based exterminations will kill termites and stop a new colony from being built up within a property for a year, and then it’ll be essential to replenish the supply of poisoned food.

Liquid treatments frequently last roughly five years and can remain active for as long as seven or eight, but this is in no way guaranteed.

Temporarily, whole-building approaches, like tenting (a.k.a. fumigation) or heat, are not guaranteed to have any permanent results. Termites could, in theory, return not long after the treatment is finished.

Furthermore, before you accept that any of these methods is better than its counterparts based on how long a single treatment can last, it’ll be essential for you to look at the dissimilar types of extermination and whether how long a treatment lasts are even the finest way to evaluate it.

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

Termite Treatment

Different termite treatments have different levels of effectiveness and these are the four most common methods used to remove termite infestations in residential and commercial buildings:

  • The Liquid Barrier Method 

Exterminators executing a liquid treatment start by boring holes around the ground-floor perimeter of the specified property and saturating the soil with gallons of insecticide.

This is envisioned to kill termite colonies in the earth surrounding the structure as soon as they range the barrier, keeping them out of the building.

Moreover, according to the University of Kentucky, termites within the property when the treatment is practical won’t be able to return to the colony and its moisture-rich soil, and ultimately die of dehydration. It will typically take a few weeks for the infestation to be eradicated.

The key issue with liquid treatment is that it isn’t possible for all properties, mainly in the more urbanized areas of Brooklyn and Queens.

Similarly, if there is any source of groundwater nearby – e.g., a well or cistern – the use of insecticide and all other pesticides is carefully regulated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

  • Bait Systems

Now, to correctly lure termites into their own destruction with bait, pest control pros place cylindrical stations comprising the substance (a combination of cellulose and insecticide) at strategic points nearby a given structure and occasionally indoors, near termites’ mud tunnels.

North Carolina State University noted that the bait placements need to be no more than 20 feet apart from one another. Termites that originally find the poisoned food will eat it and then alert their fellow colony members to its attendance.

Using bait to eliminate a termite colony takes time – typically weeks, sometimes months – and the stations must be preserved and resupplied with bait on an annual basis.

Though, it is debatably the finest way to ensure long-term control of the problem, particularly with the subterranean termites most mutual to New York.

  • Tenting

Chemical fumigation needs covering a building with a tarp and filling it with gas-based insecticide over the course of numerous days.

While still used, the tenting technique forces tenants out for an extended period and is damaging to physical health and the environment.

  • Heat Treatments

Considered an environmentally welcoming approach, this technique involves introducing hot air into a tarp-covered termite-infested building until temperatures reach 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit, per the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Though non-toxic, it needs the elimination of people, pets, and numerous fragile items from the structure for several hours, and therefore isn’t always possible for Brooklyn or Queens property owners.

FAQs on How Long Does Termite Treatment Last:

  • How do they treat termites permanently?

You need to make a solution of borax powder and water and spray it on the pretentious areas to get rid of termites at home. It’s a non-toxic technique and ensures termites in cupboards and other wooden furniture disappear after a few applications.

  • How long does local termite treatment last?

Now, expect your liquid soil treatment to last around five years. always Keep in mind, though, that termite can still arrive at your home even while the solution is active. That’s why it’s significant to stay diligent about your annual inspections!

  • What determines the length of time between termite treatments?

A sum of factors determines how frequently you need termite treatments. These contain the experience of the pest management professional you rent and the thoroughness of their treatment, how available your structure and property are for applying treatment, and the thickness of termite colonies in your region.

A technician will assess your property and explain the details of any treatment mandatory during your termite inspection.

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