Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design

Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design – We are going to offer the finest house plan in low budget modern 3-bedroom house design, in a house of this size of this quality and caliber you wish to make sure that of course, the owner will typically reside in the primary bedroom and you want to have a fantastic experience living here and you will be able to see that through the large windows the big corner window.

You have a great view of the sunset here in the afternoons you have this cove lighting effect over here which emphasizes where you will have your big king queen-sized bed and also, like to point out you previously have built-in plugs here on the sides and a decent feature is if you position your bed over here you previously have direct access to the lights so you don’t have to go off your bed to the light switch at the side.

Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design

Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design

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What is a Simple Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design?

What’s really enjoyable is it’s large enough to have this island storage space you have even a pleasant display here for your personal items and you also have extra storage and you can even pull out on this side a lot of additional storage plenty of storage space all around a really nice dresser and if you see they even made sure to have really beautiful modular cabinetry.

throughout therefore in terms of spacing it doesn’t feel cramped at all you can imagine just walking around here there’s sufficient space you won’t bump into anything and then you have this really sophisticated space with this tinted glass this is imaginary for your bags and here you have your spacious master bathroom so you see that you have a really roomy master bathroom area lovely marble design. 

  • Simple Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design

in terms of the height what can just be understood here by people would be just your shoulder area but if you want you can have this frosty or you can have curtains and you have an also bathtub over here tiling throughout the space nice detail here of having recessed areas for your deodorants and other toiletries.

A nice shower head in this space so really well thought out the foremost bathroom, okay and if you want to have separation you can possibly have a door on this side if you need to keep out and have a clear barrier between your bath space and your walking closet now, we’re back here at your main hallway and while to take a look at your third bedroom. 

  • Low-cost low budget modern 3-bedroom house design

You know this is an enjoyable and nice touch because sometimes modular cabinetry they don’t even leave the inside very plain but you know having this dimmer color here as the years go by if you purchase this the wear and tear won’t show as much as opposed to if you have these in white, okay and here you have your back area, so once again you have code lighting so this bathroom already has a window but it still has a built-in exhaust you have your hardened glass bath enclosure and. Also like to point out you even have extra storage here on the other side, okay and I like to point out the sophisticated uh design for the marble that they used for the countertop of the entire sink space you once again have toughness in terms of the basin. 

The water closet and now we have two more bedrooms let’s go here’s another viewpoint coming out from the third bedroom you can see the size and space from this angle really lovely once again you have ply plywood for the ceiling plan here and this cove and break spaced here really small details but they really mix so well together.

  • Low-budget 3-bedroom Modern House Plans

Now we will talk about taking a look here at your fourth room you once again here have a painting so this house also put into account terms of the complete wall space areas where you can put paintings and works of art and here you have your fourth room in terms of the extent it’s pretty similar to the last one but what you will see here is it has these big windows facing the east corner windows so you have so much light there’s a tree alongside the house but it doesn’t wedge the house in any way but it gives you a decent view and greenery when you look out and you see once again all the plugs here for your suitability you already have the built-in Panasonic branded uh split type air conditioning unit.

  • Low budget modern 3-bedroom house design floor plan

We would like to point out the suitability of having these bedside switches on this side you have your fifth bathroom so once again it has a built-in closet space floating cabinet beautiful marble countertop for the sink and since it was raining a bit a while ago we are now going to take a look at one of the best features of the second level of the house which is your roomy front balcony which is a morning side balcony.

Also, we would like to add that the natural stonework found at the ground level also extends all the way here giving you a very impressive facade which is more emphasized by these lights particularly in the evenings here’s another viewpoint so you can appreciate it. how the house’s design shines through in the evening it’s still so well-lit and welcoming and it gives you a very inviting ambiance if you want to know more about this beautiful brand new 5-bedroom house design house plan thank you for coming. 

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Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design
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