5 Trendy Backyard Design Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Living

Modern backyard design ideas offer a fresh take on traditional styles. They incorporate clean lines, functional decor, and geometric shapes to transform yards of all sizes.

Trendy Backyard Design Ideas

Trendy Backyard Design Ideas
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Encourage guests to socialize by the fire with a modern outdoor fire pit. Choose a concrete fire ring or portable standalone fire pit for a more flexible solution.

  • Greenhouses

Whether tropical, lush green, or simple, the greenhouse is an ideal backyard design that adds color and texture. Use the structure to grow plants that thrive in sheltered environments like tree ferns and other mosses. For a more casual scheme, you can also opt for flowering annuals in matching containers to create a colorful backdrop that’s easy on the eyes.

Backyards must be able to accommodate a range of activities. To establish defined zones, use hedges, masonry edging, or flower beds to mark off areas for kids, dogs, sun salutations, and barbecues.

Make an entertaining backyard a focal point with a human-sized chess board, inviting family and friends to gather for fun and whimsy. Accent the set with lighting to extend outdoor living into evening hours.

  • Mirrors

Whether used to shift perspective or create the illusion of more space, garden mirrors are a big backyard design trend. Choose from various frames to fit your theme, or opt for an innovative mirror with opening doors to trick the eye.

The Scandinavian minimalism aesthetic carries over from interior decorating to the backyard, with clean lines and intentional asymmetry. This trend is a great way to make your backyard feel more spacious without adding many plants.

With monarch extinction on the horizon, extreme water restrictions, and droughts becoming more widespread, sustainability is top of mind for homeowners. Xeriscaping, or landscaping to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation, is one of the biggest sustainable backyard design trends in 2023.

  • Lighting

Whether your backyard is an entertaining hotspot or a tranquil escape, thoughtful lighting can transform the nighttime space. Choose floor lights that accentuate pathways or hang fairy or string lights to set a magical ambiance. Landscape solar lights are another great option that dresses up your yard while saving on energy costs.

Consider a water feature in hardscaping if you want to create an enchanting backyard design. The soothing sound of trickling water will soothe the soul and make your garden feel like an oasis.

If you want to go the extra mile, deck out your fountain with a bar cart stocked with entertaining essentials (like this one from influencer Alicia Lund). This way, you’ll be ready for outdoor fun at all times.

  • Bar Cart

A backyard bar is a stylish way to elevate the entertainment area. This pricier option can serve as the centerpiece of a party, offering easy access to cocktails and snacks.

Bar carts also make multifunctional additions to a poolside setup. Roll one near the water and corral pool essentials like diving sticks, floaties, towels, sunblock, and more in one place so you’re always ready to take a dip on a hot summer day.

Dressed up with floral garlands and bouquets, a bar cart becomes the ideal photo op at a baby shower or wedding. It can even function as a dessert table. Choosing a color scheme that ties into the surrounding landscapes helps tie the design together.

  • Stock Tank Pool

Stock tank pools (cowboy pools, hillbilly pools, or trough pools) splash in farmhouse-style backyards and tiny house getaways. These unique pools are more affordable and easier to maintain than a full-size pool.

A wood slat back wall is the perfect spot to hang a basket for towels, and the pool’s rim has blue pool noodles covering it instead of the usual exposed metal. With a few cozy throw pillows, an outdoor rug, and string lights, this setup has all the ingredients for a memorable summer party.