Stores Like Pottery Barn 2023 – Top 50 Alternatives

Stores Like Pottery Barn – If you appreciate modern style decor encouraged by classical elements, you’re going to love these 12 stores like Pottery Barn for furniture and home decor.

Since we moved into our original place a few months ago, we’re been doing a lot of home shopping.

Our new home has a diverse layout and style from our old home.

Stores Like Pottery Barn 2023

Stores Like Pottery Barn

Plus, we were due for some new furniture. So, we’ve been spending a full range of larger furnishings, as well as smaller decor items for our new house.

When it comes to furniture and home goods, we like to opt for quality pieces that will remain classic and attitude the test of time. Pottery Barn has been one of my favorite places to shop online for good-quality furniture and home goods. They have a sophisticated design aesthetic that’s quite timeless in my opinion.

Pottery Barn products are on the mid to high end of the scale and contain everything from larger furniture like beds and sofas to lesser home goods like bedding, towels, outdoor, decor, rugs, and storage thoughts, with choices for kids as well.

During my home goods and decor search, I discovered so many new home wares stores (particularly online since of COVID).

Top 50 Stores Like Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is renowned for its upscale home furnishings, decor, and outdoor furniture.

If you’re looking for alternatives, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several reputable stores offering similar aesthetics and quality.

Here are the top 50 stores by ratings, akin to Pottery Barn.

  • Crate & Barrel

In the realm of homeware, Crate & Barrel stands shoulder to shoulder with establishments like Pottery Barn. Here’s why:

The array of premium-quality items they offer is nothing short of impressive. While their pricing isn’t necessarily on the lower end, it reflects the value and craftsmanship of their collection. Their design sensibility? Think refined, sophisticated, and ever-so-elegant. Plus, for those who prefer a tactile shopping experience, Crate & Barrel boasts brick-and-mortar establishments peppered throughout the United States.

From statement furniture pieces to the minutiae of kitchenware, it’s a top choice for discerning shoppers.

  • West Elm

In the echelons of distinguished PB rivals, West Elm undoubtedly carves a niche for itself. This emporium boasts an expansive repertoire of furniture and homeware, predominantly echoing mid-century nuances.

While it might tilt towards the pricier spectrum among its contemporaries, the designs presented are nothing short of opulent, refined, and beyond reproach.

  • TJ Maxx

When one thinks of TJ Maxx, the immediate association might be discounted fashion. Yet, delve a bit deeper, and you’ll uncover a surprisingly vibrant home section, brimming with noteworthy brands and intriguing finds, all at palatable price points.

It’s logical, really, given its familial ties to the likes of HomeGoods and Home Sense, granting TJ Maxx coveted access to a shared inventory trove.

  • The Citizenry

At the heart of The Citizenry lies a profound ethos: homes ought to mirror the adventures of our lives. This chic furniture emporium doesn’t just curate; it embarks on global quests, handpicking eclectic furnishings and décor artifacts. Such a cosmopolitan approach stretches its aesthetic horizons, decidedly transcending the rustic charm associated with Pottery Barn.

  • Parachute

To the avid podcast aficionado, Parachute might ring a familiar bell, often touted for their luxurious bedding and bath collections. But delve a touch deeper, and you’ll uncover more than just sumptuous linens. This brand champions a curated selection of décor and living accessories, distinctly tilting towards the midcentury modern ethos.

  • Burrow

In the vast landscape of establishments akin to Pottery Barn, Burrow stands out with its pristine and contemporary flair. Think midcentury modern, but with a pronounced twist towards the ‘now’. While their pricing and craftsmanship contend closely with Pottery Barn, Burrow’s designs exude a zestier, up-to-the-minute vibe, veering more towards the avant-garde than the eternal.

  • Terrain

Venturing into the realm of Terrain, one quickly discerns an inherent inclination toward our planet’s verdant beauty. Driven by botanical inspirations and nature’s myriad hues, Terrain crafts products that resonate with Earth’s essence. While their price points find parallels with Pottery Barn, Terrain’s offerings have a distinctive eco-conscious undertone. Furthermore, their predilection for organic materials underscores their commitment to sustainable elegance.

  • Modshop

Daring and audacious, Modshop beckons the brave-hearted. Their inventory showcases those striking, bold statement pieces that might seem extravagant to some — imagine vivid-hued furniture or avant-garde wall art. Yet, these are the very elements that, with just a touch, indelibly etch a lasting impression of your dwelling in a visitor’s mind.

  • Amara

Amara, a luminary in the home furnishing domain, offers a spectrum of products — from petite accessories to those quintessential pieces that anchor a living space. Their collection embodies contemporary elegance, showcasing designs from iconic furniture brands. Among their illustrious roster, you might spot renowned names that have also graced the fashion runway: UGG, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein, to name a few.

  • H&M Home

H&M Home, celebrated for catering to style-savvy individuals with a keen sense for value, adeptly extends the brand’s sartorial philosophy to interior embellishments. They champion the cause of providing trendy, avant-garde designs that don’t break the bank.

However, every silver lining has its cloud. While H&M’s aesthetic appeal and attractive pricing can be irresistible, longevity might sometimes take a backseat. Hence, judicious selection is crucial when curating your perfect space.

  • Lulu and Georgia

Many establishments akin to Pottery Barn share not just a commitment to quality furniture but also a deep-seated affection for midcentury modern design. Lulu & Georgia exemplifies this trend with gusto.

Yet, they carve a niche distinct from Pottery Barn with their vibrant offerings that echo the zest of the 1960s rather than the muted elegance of the 1950s.

Picture this: If Betty Draper sought to infuse suburban Connecticut charm into Don Draper’s abode, she’d beeline to Pottery Barn. On the other hand, for that quintessential Manhattan condo chic, Megan Draper would undoubtedly opt for Lulu and Georgia.

  • One King’s Lane

One King’s Lane stands tall as a preferred destination for interior designers, credited to its expansive collection of top-tier products spanning diverse styles and esteemed brands.

Craving that touch of exclusivity without the hefty price tag of bespoke creations? Their “Design Your Own” feature empowers you to tailor pieces, ensuring they resonate with your personal flair.

  • Castlery

Venturing into the digital realm, Castlery serves as a furniture haven that offers styles on par with Pottery Barn but at more attractive price points.

With a palpable undertone of midcentury modern elegance, Castlery delivers furnishings and decor that effortlessly meld the realms of contemporary chic and enduring class.

  • Urban Outfitters

For those with an eye for chic, contemporary home decor – and perhaps a trendy wardrobe to match – Urban Outfitters consistently hits the mark. This brand stands as a beacon for those desiring fashionable finds without a hefty price tag.

Their offerings cater particularly well to teens and tweens, aligning with a younger generation’s gravitation towards cutting-edge designs.

However, for those scouting out furnishings for the littlest members of the family, it might be wise to explore elsewhere.

  • Horne

Horne champions a refined, minimalist aesthetic in their furniture and home decor selections. For those yearning to impart a touch of sophistication to their living spaces, it’s an ideal destination.

Dive into Horne’s catalog, and you’ll discover an intriguing blend: established brands coexist with avant-garde designers. This juxtaposition ensures that your home can flaunt distinctive pieces, setting it apart from the conventional.

  • YLighting

Contrary to initial impressions, YLighting—previously christened YLiving—boasts an expansive array of furniture and home accents that extend way past mere illumination options.

Sure, they’re seasoned in the lighting game.

Yet, they wield an edge over many Pottery Barn alternatives. The cherry on top? Complimentary shipping for their patrons.

  • ABC Carpet & Home

Though it’s dubbed ABC Carpet & Home, “Limitless Decor & Dwelling” might be a more fitting title.

Truly, they house just about every conceivable item to deck out your space with flair. From grand furniture pieces to the tiniest decorative accents, their offerings are as diverse as they are vast. So, regardless of your aesthetic leanings, there’s a high chance you’ll discover something that resonates with your sensibilities.

  • Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach stands out in the world of home decor and furniture retail, but not necessarily for those seeking a Pottery Barn vibe.

Here’s why: their design language speaks a contemporary dialect.

While Pottery Barn offers that enduring charm, and timeless pieces that could seamlessly fit into a setting four decades ago, Design Within Reach is your destination for the ultra-current, capturing the essence of today’s design trends.

  • Apt2b

Apt2b champions a flair for the chic, modern, and the now, becoming the darling of interior designers and enthusiasts seeking that expertly curated look for their space.

While they might be worlds apart from Pottery Barn in design sensibilities, their unwavering commitment to crafting top-tier furniture pieces remains a striking similarity.

  • Anthropologie

Originating as a hub for chic bohemian women’s fashion, Anthropologie elegantly transitioned into the realm of furniture and home decor, bringing its distinctive style along.

Though they march to a different design beat than Pottery Barn, the caliber and value of their offerings stand shoulder to shoulder.

  • AllModern

AllModern might not grace your nearby shopping centers like Pottery Barn, but it holds its own as a digital furniture haven. They boast an expansive array of both statement furniture and nuanced home decor. True to their moniker, they lean towards the modern; however, their collection is diverse enough to cater to a broad palette of design inclinations.

  • Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler’s signature home brand can be aptly encapsulated by the phrase “Modern American Glamour.” His collections exude a high-end sophistication, yet there’s an undeniable zest and vibrancy to them. Remarkably, his creations strike a delicate balance, seamlessly merging contemporary flair with ageless elegance.

  • Joybird

Joybird stands out for its commitment to ethically sourced furniture and distinctive home decor, offering top-tier, bespoke selections. Their fresh, modern designs ensure that your living space stands apart. After all, the last thing anyone wants is that awkward moment of spotting an identical apothecary table at a friend’s home.

  • Hayneedle

Hayneedle boasts an expansive collection of homewares, catering to everyone from infants to pets. While their price points may not be the most budget-friendly, their “Styles & Inspiration” segment offers a treasure trove of captivating looks.

It’s the perfect launchpad to spark ideas, allowing you to scout analogous pieces from wallet-friendlier alternatives elsewhere.

Stores Like Pottery Barn But Cheaper

On the hunt for wallet-friendly options that echo the elegance of high-end stores like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware? You’re not alone.

The market brims with destinations offering classic, well-crafted furnishings that won’t dent your savings. Dive into these cost-effective alternatives to Pottery Barn, each exuding contemporary panache without the hefty price tag.

  • World Market

World Market, reminiscent of the Citizenry, revels in its collection of globally-sourced furniture, infused with distinctive designs. Birthed in San Francisco, envision them as a global bazaar. Their forte lies in curated artisanal home decor, yet their repertoire also boasts an impressive array of furniture and other coveted finds.

  • Joss & Main

Joss & Main seamlessly blend the modern with the timeless, curating pieces that exude a fresh yet enduring charm. Their price points might echo those of Pottery Barn, but delve into their expansive sale section, and you’re bound to stumble upon some stellar bargains. This positions them firmly among the ranks of budget-friendly alternatives to Pottery Barn.

  • Wayfair

Wayfair stands as a prominent digital hub for those seeking chic yet budget-friendly furniture and home accents. Their offerings span a vast spectrum, from intricate wall art and standout home pieces to substantial investments like major appliances and outdoor furnishings.

  • Amazon

Amazon inevitably finds its way into the realm of furniture stores akin to Pottery Barn. Why? Given its colossal market presence, Amazon tussles with virtually every retail category out there. Yet, while treasures await on Amazon, navigating its vast seas requires a discerning eye. Both product quality and vendor reliability can oscillate considerably.

  • Target

Target trails closely behind Amazon, marking its territory in the competitive retail landscape. While its furniture repository might not rival Amazon’s magnitude, Target boasts an impressive and eclectic range. It’s a goldmine for discovering exquisite pieces, though a judicious gaze is essential to discern quality.

  • Nordstrom Rack

Often pegged as a hub for discounted apparel, Nordstrom Rack offers more than just fashion deals. Parallel to its rival, TJ Maxx, it boasts a rich tapestry of home essentials. The allure of Nordstrom Rack lies in its curation of renowned brands familiar to its parent store, yet often presented with a more palatable price tag.

  • Ashley Homestore

Ashley Homestore presents a diverse tapestry of collections, catering to various budget brackets. While certain offerings might echo the premium vibes of establishments like Pottery Barn and West Elm, a significant portion is impressively budget-friendly. Yet, they don’t skimp on quality, making it a savvy alternative for the discerning, budget-conscious shopper.

  • Overstock

Overstock boasts an expansive collection of furniture and home decor, curating diverse styles at unbeatable prices. Their secret sauce? They adeptly procure furniture liquidated by other outlets, snapping up these pieces at a bargain. This strategy empowers them to offer consumers these finds at prices that stand out in the retail landscape.

  • Ikea

For years, the budget-savvy have gravitated towards Ikea as a chic alternative to Pottery Barn, drawn by its modern design flair and an array of trendy furniture. Yet, it’s not just the price point that sets it apart. While Pottery Barn touts robust craftsmanship, Ikea opts for a lighter touch. Understandably so, given that their pieces often arrive in flat packs, beckoning your inner craftsman for assembly.

  • Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Pottery Barn might champion classic designs, but Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams leans into the modern, curating pieces that don’t just look good but prioritize comfort. Their diverse range of styles and costs lets customers tailor spaces to individual tastes without breaking the bank. An added feather in their cap? Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ unwavering dedication to green practices and ethical production, a definite draw for those with a green heart.

  • HomeGoods

HomeGoods isn’t just a catchy name. It’s a haven for those seeking distinctive finds without the hefty price tags. Dive into aisles packed with premium brands, from plush rugs and chic artwork to culinary delights and cozy bedding. And the best part? Those treasures come with surprisingly attractive price tags. A win-win for any savvy shopper!

  • La-Z-Boy

Beyond their renowned recliners, La-Z-Boy boasts a diverse array of furniture options catering to eclectic tastes and wallet sizes. Their offerings, known for both comfort and durability, often come backed by a lifetime warranty, solidifying their reputation for long-lasting value. And if you have a specific design vision in mind? Fear not. La-Z-Boy steps up with bespoke design choices, ensuring you land that ideal furniture piece, no matter the style or financial plan.

  • Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation offers a curated collection of top-notch home decor pieces, striking a balance between quality and affordability in comparison to Pottery Barn. Dive into their array of bespoke furniture and accessories, all echoing a nostalgic, retro flair. And, when it comes to client experience? Their exemplary customer support combined with swift and dependable deliveries sets them apart.

  • Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs serves up an eclectic array of furniture and home accents, meticulously crafted and echoing timeless elegance. Notably, their offerings come at a more palatable price, positioning them as a prime choice for those desiring luxe aesthetics minus the exorbitant expenditure. Delving deeper into their offerings, Ballard presents myriad customization avenues, ensuring each piece resonates with individual tastes and requirements.

  • Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie parades an impressive array of chic home accents and furnishings, presenting a delightful contrast to Pottery Barn with its friendlier price points. Dive into their collection and you’ll uncover a mosaic of design genres—be it sleek modern, evergreen classic, or avant-garde contemporary. Beyond furniture, they’ve stocked everything from intricate décor pieces to sumptuous rugs and ambient lighting. A cherry on top? Orders above $50 enjoy complimentary delivery, further solidifying Z Gallerie as a go-to alternative for discerning home enthusiasts.

  • Rugs USA

Rugs USA, as the moniker suggests, reigns supreme in a specific furniture realm. Dive into their assortment and you’re met with an expansive tapestry of rugs, far eclipsing the collection at Pottery Barn. From myriad styles to eclectic materials and sizes, the choices are vast. The wallet-friendly price tags, often undercutting Pottery Barn, present a delightful incentive for savvy shoppers. And the sweetener? Complimentary shipping on a majority of their orders, solidifying Rugs USA as a top choice for budget-conscious rug enthusiasts.

  • Arhaus

Dive into Arhaus, and you’re met with a rich tapestry of furnishings and decor spanning the classic-modern spectrum. Every style preference and budget finds its match here. From offering bespoke orders to doling out interior design advice, their services are comprehensive. And, if your purchase crosses the $49 threshold? Well, shipping costs vanish! But the crowning jewel? Arhaus’ staunch dedication to the planet. Every item is crafted from ethically procured materials, underpinning their zero-waste production mantra.

  • American Signature Furniture

Step into the world of American Signature Furniture, where elegance meets affordability. Their extensive array, brimming with diverse styles and dimensions, ensures everyone finds their perfect match. Spending more than $499? They’ll shoulder the shipping for you. The real charm? Each premium item comes with an assurance of durability—a blend of aesthetic allure and serene confidence.

  • Rooms To Go

Dive into the realm of Room & Board, where enduring elegance meets modern sophistication. While Pottery Barn leans toward classic designs, Room & Board steers its aesthetic toward the contemporary, spotlighting a spectrum of eco-conscious choices. From plush, exclusive textiles to bespoke furniture creations, they curate for the discerning. And here’s the cherry on top: their tags are frequently more wallet-friendly than Pottery Barn’s, giving your space an upscale vibe without the upscale cost.

  • Mathis Brothers

Dive into Mathis Brothers, where elegance meets affordability. Here, furnishing dreams intertwine with reality. From sleek modern pieces to timeless traditional designs, their collection caters to every aesthetic craving. What’s more? With approachable financing options, luxury becomes accessible, ensuring you don’t break the bank while designing your ideal space. So, for those who yearn for excellence without the hefty price tag, Mathis Brothers stands as a formidable contender to Pottery Barn.

  • Value City Furniture

Dive into the diverse world of Value City Furniture, where every room finds its perfect match. Whether you’re inclined towards the timeless charm of traditional designs or the bold aesthetics of modern pieces, this place has you covered. And here’s the cherry on top: no more puzzling over assembly instructions. Their dedicated team delivers and sets everything up, turning your space into a haven without the hassle.

  • Scout & Nimble

Venture into the digital realm of Scout & Nimble, where chic meets affordability in furniture designs tailored to your preferences. Beyond just furnishings, they flaunt an eclectic mix of accessories and home decor, transforming any space into a curated masterpiece. The best part? Many of their treasures come with the perks of free shipping and hassle-free returns, ensuring a seamless shopping escapade.

  • Star Furniture

Dive into Star’s vast collection, spanning from essential office furnishings and plush mattresses to quaint accents perfect for cozy nooks. Navigating small spaces? Their intuitive online room planner crafts a virtual canvas, enabling a glimpse of how potential acquisitions seamlessly blend into your designated quarters.

  • Room & Board

Dive into the world of Room & Board, where exquisite design meets impeccable craftsmanship. Here, affordability meets enduring style. Renowned for their distinctive designs, each piece exudes masterful artistry and a profound respect for sustainability. Whether you lean towards the contemporary or have a penchant for the classics, their vast collection caters to every aesthetic whim. Find that flawless addition to elevate your space.

  • The Dump

The Dump may not sound enticing, but it’s a hidden gem for savvy shoppers seeking top-notch furniture at unbeatable prices. Their dedication to quality furnishings is unwavering, and their inventory boasts a diverse array of high-end brand names. Keep an eagle eye on their frequent sales and promotions, where the prospect of substantial savings awaits.

  • Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen beckons with a trifecta of allure: exceptional furniture, home decor that exudes quality, and a team of knowledgeable design consultants who stand ready to assist. Remarkably, this treasure trove of style and substance doesn’t break the bank like Pottery Barn often does.

What sets Ethan Allen apart is their penchant for customization. They offer an expansive selection of furniture that can be tailored to suit your individual style and spatial needs. Should you seek a guiding hand in curating your ideal look or ambiance, their cadre of seasoned design consultants is at your service, providing professional guidance and expertise.

  • Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture stands as a treasure trove of excellent bargains, a fact that becomes quite evident from its name alone. However, it’s worth emphasizing this point once more.

Delving further into what Bob’s has to offer, you’ll discover a cornucopia of furniture and home decor, spanning a broad spectrum of styles and colors. Moreover, they go the extra mile by providing convenient delivery and assembly services, all while keeping their prices comfortably below those of Pottery Barn and similar establishments.

  • Havertys

Established in the bustling city of Atlanta way back in 1885, Havertys has evolved over the years into a prominent furniture retailer, particularly in the southern and central regions of the United States.

This venerable establishment not only boasts a diverse array of impeccably crafted furniture but also prides itself on maintaining price points that won’t break the bank. To sweeten the deal for budget-savvy shoppers, Havertys extends a price-match guarantee, ensuring that customers can confidently pursue the best possible deals.

  • Living Spaces

Living Spaces takes a detour from Pottery Barn’s well-trodden path of classic, timeless design, offering a refreshing selection of modern and trendy pieces.

Their repertoire spans a spectrum of furniture, décor, and various home accouterments, and interestingly, their price tags frequently lean towards the more budget-friendly side compared to PB’s.

As an added boon, they frequently roll out special sales and exclusive online shopping discounts, further solidifying their reputation as a go-to destination for the savvy shopper on the hunt for exceptional bargains.

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