Nest Thermostat Keeps Going Offline

Nest Thermostat Keeps Going OfflineIf you are looking for tips to troubleshoot offline problems with your Nest thermostat? You’re on the correct page.

Here in this article, we’ll show you how you can troubleshoot your Nest thermostat when it keeps going offline. 

Nest Thermostat Keeps Going Offline

Nest Thermostat Keeps Going Offline

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First off, here are some mutual reasons your Nest Thermostat Keeps Going Offline:

  • You might be using an outdated version of the Nest app.
  • The batteries in your Nest thermostat are short.
  • Your Wi-Fi network band is not well-matched with your Nest thermostat.
  • Other electrical devices are prying with your Wi-Fi connection
  • Your Wi-Fi router is defective.

How can you Troubleshoot Nest Thermostat Offline?

here are some troubleshooting steps to aid you to get your Nest thermostat back online:

  • Update Your Nest Thermostat App

If you are using an out-of-date version of the Nest app, your Nest thermostat may keep losing its Wi-Fi connection—as outdated app versions typically cause some faults.

Therefore, if your Nest Thermostat keeps detaching from your router and going offline, it could be that you’re not using the present version of the app. Check your app store and update the app on your mobile device.

If you’re not sure how you can do this, here’s how to check and update the Nest app on your smartphone/tablet:

  • First, you need to open the Google Play Store and type in ‘Nest app’ in the search bar. iPhone users can find the Nest app on the App Store.
  • The Nest app should look at the top of the search results.
  • After that, you simply have to click on the app to continue.
  • Then, simply tap the Update button to install the latest version of the Nest app.

  • Replace/Charge Your Nest Thermostat Batteries

Your Nest thermostat might keep disconnecting from your Wi-Fi router because the batteries in the device are short.

Typically, the Nest thermostat disconnects from Wi-Fi when its batteries get low. This supports the thermostat saving sufficient power to continue operation.

If your Nest thermostat keeps going offline, it’s perhaps because it’s losing its Wi-Fi connection because of low battery power. Therefore, you’ll have to replace/charge the batteries in your Nest thermostat to simply fix the problem.

Here’s how you can change your Nest thermostat batteries:

  • You have to pull out the top part of your Nest thermostat.
  • Simply turn to the back of the removed part to see the batteries.
  • After that, you simply have to remove the old batteries and insert the new ones. Your Nest thermostat needs 2 AAA alkaline batteries to work correctly.
  • Now, before you replace the batteries, you have to observe the symbols (+/-) above the battery compartment. Safeguard that the positive and negative sides of your battery match the symbols above them.

If you have a Nest Thermostat E and Nest Learning Thermostat, note that the batteries are not replaceable as they’re built in. You can simply charge the batteries if they are low.

Typically, the Nest Thermostat E and Nest Learning thermostat batteries charge mechanically via your HVAC system.

Though, it might fail to charge if the batteries are totally drained. here, in this case, you’ll need to charge the battery externally via a USB cable.

If this doesn’t aid, simply continue to the next step.

  • Get a Nest Power Connector

Your Nest thermostat might still stay offline after you’ve altered the batteries. If this happens, chances are the thermostat isn’t getting enough power supply.

If your electrical panel is not supplying adequate power to your Nest thermostat, you might need to buy a Nest power connector.

The Nest Power Connector attracts power from your furnace and sends the composed power to your Nest thermostat. This safeguards that the thermostat receives the tolerable power needed to function.

If you’ve never used a Nest Power Connector, it might be a bit tricky to link the device to your Nest thermostat. Therefore, let’s look at how you can install the Nest Power Connector.

First off, you’ll simply need to update your Nest thermostat’s firmware to the latest version—as Your Nest thermostat will only identify your Power Connector if it is running on the newest firmware version. Here is how you can update your Nest Power Connector firmware:

  • You simply need to tap the Settings icon on your Nest thermostat screen and then tap Version.
  • After that, simply tap Update to install the newest version of the Nest thermostat.

Now, follow these steps to install your Nest Power connector:

  • Safeguarding your HVAC system is well-matched with the Nest Power Connector. The Nest Power Connector only supports 24VAC HVAC systems. If your HVAC system isn’t 24VAC, use a C-wire in its place of the Nest Power Connector.
  • Next, you simply have to turn off your HVAC system’s control switch on the electrical panel.
  • After that, you need to open your HVAC equipment cover to find your control board. If you don’t have a control board, simply find where your Nest thermostat’s wires are installed. You’ll have to set up the Power Connector between your HVAC system and the Nest thermostat’s wires.
  • You need to take the wire labels inside your Nest Power Connector package and place them on the matching thermostat’s wires linked to your circuit board. The Nest Power Connector’s wire labels contain the letters ‘W’, ‘R’, and ‘Y’.
  • Now, you have to remove the labeled thermostat’s wires from the circuit board and insert them into the matching wire connectors in the Nest Power Connector package and your circuit board.
  • You simply have to use the sticky pad to connect the Nest Power Connector to your HVAC system and simply close the HVAC equipment and turn on the HVAC system’s control switch.


We have shared everything about fixing the nest Thermostat Keeps Going Offline in this article if the info that we shared above aided you in any way then do share it with others.