LG Washing Machine Reset Button – Step by Step Guide 2024

Washing machines sure can be fickle sometimes. One minute they’re humming along, quietly and efficiently washing your clothes. But the next? They start flashing weird codes, making funky noises, or just plain not working right. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe it!

When your LG washer starts acting up, don’t panic. And don’t call the repair guy just yet. Many minor issues can easily be fixed yourself with a simple reset. Inside your LG washing machine – whether it’s a front loader or a top loader – is a little reset button. Just open up the door, locate the button, hold it down for a few seconds, and voila!

LG Washing Machine Reset Button

LG Washing Machine Reset Button

Resetting works kind of like restarting your smartphone or computer. Pressing the reset button forces the washer’s computer brain to reboot itself fresh.

Any glitches, bugs, or errors get wiped away. The original factory programming gets restored. It’s an easy first troubleshooting step before assuming the worst.

So don’t haul your heavy machine out to the curb for garbage day! And save yourself the $80 service call. Locate the reset button inside your LG washer first. Give it a solid 5-second press.

Then patiently wait a minute or two before restarting a wash cycle. There’s a decent chance resetting alone will have Ol’ Betsy here running well as new!

Do you have an LG washing machine that is acting up or showing error codes? Resetting the washing machine can often fix minor issues and get it working properly again.

Read on to learn all about LG washing machine reset buttons – how to use them, their features and benefits, troubleshooting tips, and the best alternatives.

Intro to LG Washing Machine Reset Buttons

Many LG washing machines have a handy little reset button located just inside the door or on the back. This button allows you to reset the electronic control board and clear any erroneous settings or error codes.

Resetting the washing machine essentially works to reboot the system. It clears out the memory and restores the machine to default factory settings. This often resolves minor glitches and problems.

When Should You Use the LG Reset Button?

Here are some common situations when pressing the reset button may help:

  • Your LG washer is showing an error code
  • The buttons or knobs are unresponsive
  • A wash cycle seems stuck mid-program
  • Do you want to clear any customized settings
  • Strange noises or behaviors start suddenly

Resetting won’t fix major mechanical or electrical issues. But for many minor hiccups – it’s worth a try before calling a repair technician.

Features and Benefits

Using the handy LG washer reset button offers several benefits:

  • Quickly restores original settings – With one simple button press, all customized program settings are erased and restored to LG factory defaults.
  • May resolve error codes – Resetting can clear error codes and glitches caused by power outages, voltage spikes, button mishaps, and more.
  • Easy troubleshooting step – Before arranging costly appliance repairs, resetting the washer control panel is a fast and free first step toward troubleshooting problems.
  • Alternative to unplugging – Rather than unplugging the washing machine to reset everything, the button offers a quick in-unit solution.
  • Immediate results – Users don’t need to wait long to determine if resetting fixed any issues. Within a minute or two, they can try running a new wash cycle and see if problems persist.

So for LG washing machine owners, learning to reset with the handy button offers a fast and convenient first line of defense when trouble strikes. Before calling for service, it’s worth giving the button a try.

Step-By-Step Guide to Resetting Your LG Washer

Follow these simple steps to reset your LG top or front-load washing machine:

  • 1. Start by Locating the Reset Button

LG front load washers have a round recess button just inside the door, on the bottom left or right side.

Top-load washing machines have a small pinhole button located on the center backside of the unit.

  • 2. Press and Hold the Button

If your washing machine will not start, won’t spin, is stuck mid-cycle, or shows an LE error code, press and hold the reset button for 3 to 5 seconds.

You may need a pen or paper clip to access the button properly. Apply light but firm pressure continuously for several seconds.

  • 3. Wait 1 to 2 Minutes

Keep the door closed, and avoid pressing any other buttons for 1 to 2 minutes. This gives the reset process time to fully complete.

The internal computer resets itself, clears error codes, and restores the original software settings.

  • 4. Restart Your Washer

After waiting a minute or two, reopen the door and press the power button to restart.

Pro tip: Before adding laundry, first run a rinse-only cycle while empty. This confirms everything is functioning properly again.

And that’s the basics of using the LG washer reset button when trouble strikes! Keep reading for more resetting tips and advice.

Pros and Cons of Resetting LG Washers

Before you reset your LG washing machine, consider the following potential pros and cons:

Benefits and Positive Outcomes

  • Fixes minor errors without a technician
  • Clears error code alerts
  • May resolve glitchy behavior
  • Cheap and convenient first troubleshooting step
  • Restores all original factory wash settings

Risks and Negative Effects

  • Resetting erases any saved wash cycles or customized options
  • Won’t fix major electrical/mechanical problems
  • The error may reappear quickly if a hardware issue exists

So while resetting carries little risk when used wisely, it may only provide a temporary fix for some problems. Keep the number of qualified appliance repair technicians handy in case resets are ineffective.

Troubleshooting LG Washer Problems

Beyond basic resets, here are some additional troubleshooting tips for common LG washer problems:

LG Washing Machine Won’t Turn On

First, check these easy fixes:

  • Is the machine plugged in properly?
  • Is the wall outlet active with power? Use a voltage tester.
  • Did the fuse/breaker trip? Reset circuit breakers.
  • Press and hold the reset button for up to 15 seconds.

Still not working? Service may be needed for faulty control boards, power cords, etc.

LG Washer Stops Mid-Cycle

If a wash cycle stops mid-program:

  • First press the reset button for 15 seconds
  • Check error codes on the digital display
  • Clean interior sensors of mineral buildup
  • Ensure load size doesn’t exceed max capacity

Frequent cycle interruptions usually indicate replacement parts are required.

LE Error Code on LG Washer

LE means the electronic control lock is engaged. First press and hold the reset button. Then power off, wait 5 minutes, and restart. Still, showing LE error? Consider replacing the lock switch.

There are ways to troubleshoot LE codes using diagnostic test modes too. But that’s better left to experienced repairmen with proper training.

Other LG Washer Problems

Here’s a quick overview of other common washer problems and possible fixes:

  • Won’t drain properly? Clear drain line/hoses of clogs, lint, etc. Use drain cleaner product if needed.
  • Making loud noise? Check and replace worn-out suspension rods, bearings, and counterweight springs.
  • Leaking water? Ensure fill hoses are screwed on tightly with no cracks or tears. Replace damaged water inlet valves.
  • Won’t spin or agitate? Inspect drive belts, shifter components, and motor couplers. Replace wonky parts.

Resetting can temporarily resolve software glitches causing these common hardware problems. However, repairs or replacement parts are typically the ultimate solutions when dealing with serious washer malfunctions.

Best LG Washer Reset Button Alternatives

If pressing and holding the reset button on your LG washer doesn’t seem to work, there are a few backup options to try:

  • Unplug the Power Cord at the Outlet

As a more drastic reboot, unplug the washer for 2 full minutes. This clears all electronic memory completely. It ensures no lingering power remains inside to corrupt error codes or cycle programs.

Use caution when unplugging washers to avoid electric shock hazards.

  • LG Washer App Resets

High-tech LG washers with Wi-Fi capabilities can sometimes be reset right from a paired smartphone. Open the LG Smart ThinQ app, pick your model, and choose the reset function.

However many basic models lack app connectivity. So this option only works for smart washer owners.

  • Master Reset via Diagnostic Mode

Entering diagnostic field service mode allows LG technicians to access computer controls, run tests, check error logs, and trigger master resets.

However, the complex button sequences are only intended for fully trained appliance repair experts to understand and utilize safely. So DIY attempts often cause more harm than good!

Stick with basic power button resets unless you know what you’re doing inside diagnostic programs. Mistakes can corrupt wash cycles, damage components, and ruin computers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Resetting LG Washers

Here are answers to 10 of the most common questions about resetting LG front-load and top-load washing machines:

  • 1. Why does my LG washer suddenly show an LE error code?

The LE error stands for “lock error”. It appears when there’s a faulty door lock mechanism that should be disengaged before starting a wash cycle. First, try resetting the washer. If the LE code persists, service is required to replace the lock assembly.

  • 2. Do I need to unplug before resetting my LG washer?

No, there’s no need to unplug the washing machine when resetting. The reset button alone erases memory. Some do unplug to force a cold reboot. But use caution due to the electric shock risks involved.

  • 3. Where is the reset button located inside?

Inside LG front load washers, a recessed reset button sits at the bottom left/right just inside the door. Top load washers have a tiny pinhole button located on the center backside.

  • 4. How long should I hold the reset button?

Press and hold the LG washer reset button firmly for at least 3 seconds, up to 10+ seconds. This allows time for the internal computer to fully erase error codes and cycle memory.

  • 5. What button starts the washer after resetting LG?

After resetting, wait 1 to 2 minutes before pressing the main power button again to restart your LG smart washer. Let systems fully reboot before trying to begin a new wash program.

  • 6. Why does my LG washer get stuck on load sensing?

If an LG washer seems stuck trying to sense load, first reset the unit. If it continues having issues balancing and sensing contents, the tub weight sensor likely needs professional replacement.

  • 7. Can resetting damage my LG washing machine?

When performed properly, resetting an LG washer is harmless. Holding reset too long (like 60+ seconds) can possibly corrupt computer memory. But quick 5-second resets have no risks. Still, never open units or tamper internally. Electrical and mechanical dangers exist inside. Leave advanced repairs and tinkering to qualified experts only.

  • 8. How do I reset my LG washer without buttons?

If the main buttons are totally unresponsive, first check the power connections. Ensure the unit is plugged in and the wall outlet works. If it powers on but touch buttons don’t function – short the control panel by touching and holding both temperature adjustment buttons at once. This may force a reset.

  • 9. Why does my LG washer keep reverting to default cycles?

This frustrating glitch is often caused by memory corruption or a faulty computer. First, try resetting it fully. Or unplug for 2 minutes for a cold reboot. If it continues reverting to factory test cycles randomly, control logic board replacement is likely required.

  • 10. Is entering diagnostic mode safe on LG washers?

WARNING: Only highly trained LG appliance repair experts should access internal diagnostic modes. On smart models, codes can alter computer programming, erase data, disable features, and cause permanent damage. Avoid randomly pushing button combos to force resets. First, try basic power button resets only.

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While LG washing machines have usually been reliable for years, technical problems can occasionally arise. Learning to locate and use the handy interior reset buttons offers a convenient first line of defense before calling costly appliance repair companies.

Resetting won’t fix serious motor, pump, or control board failures. But a quick reboot often resolves error code alerts, glitchy functionality, stuck cycles, and other minor software-driven issues.

Just be sure to press and hold the recessed reset button inside the unit for 3-10 seconds (no need to unplug). Then wait a few minutes before restarting a wash program. That allows ample time for control systems to fully erase old data and restore original settings.

So keep this basic LG washer troubleshooting reset guide handy. Saving your household from laundry disruptions is just an easy button press away!