Hoover Washing Machine Reset Button – Step by Step Guide 2024

Goes the spin cycle again. Your Hoover washer started making that dreadful grinding noise mid-wash. Or it flashed some weird fault code and quit. Now soaked clothes sit sloshing inside without finishing their rins. What a mess!

Before you panic, try the reset button. Most Hoover washers have one to reboot the computer and clear cycle errors. Just a simple press can work wonders to get your washer running happily again.

See that “Start/Pause” button on the control panel. Press and hold that puppy down for 5 seconds – easy peasy. If that doesn’t cut it, rapidly open and close the door 6 quick times. This “master” reset technique reboots the whole system – the IT guy equivalent for your washer.

Resetting is crazy fast and takes no tools or technical know-how. Save that service call money. While no fix for broken parts, it does revive the machine’s “brains” when they act buggy. Worth a shot before assuming the worst, I’d say.

Go ahead – locate that reset button or prep your fastest door-yanking skills. Let’s breathe some fresh life into that high-tech computer inside your Hoover washer before throwing in the towel. Worst case, you’re out 60 seconds before doing laundry the old-fashioned way.

But I’m betting the reset magic revives your stainless sidekick faster than water drains from the tub. Have the fabric softener ready to celebrate your appliance CPR skills shortly!

Getting frustrated when your Hoover washing machine won’t start or stops mid-cycle? Before calling for costly repairs, try resetting it. Resetting can fix many common errors and get your washer running again fast.

Hoover Washing Machine Reset Button

Hoover Washing Machine Reset Button

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about resetting your Hoover washing machine.

What is the Hoover Washing Machine Reset Button?

Many Hoover washing machines have a reset button or function to help fix errors and restart the washer.

Key Features:

  • The Hoover washing machine reset function has several useful features that can save time and money when troubleshooting. Most prominently, activating the reset clears any error codes or fault messages that may be stopping your washer from operating.
  • Many Hoover washers display codes like F# or E# when there is a minor issue with the computerized electronics that the reset can quickly fix. Resetting often clears faults with the door not latching as well or sensors being activated that stop the cycle.
  • In addition to wiping error messages, resetting also restores the washer to factory default programming. If you accidentally set a long delay start time or the wrong wash cycle, performing a reset gets the machine immediately ready for the next normal cycle with typical settings.
  • Hoover machines have two main methods for resetting – a basic reset and a master reset. The basic reset involves pressing and holding a button like Start/Pause or Stop for 3-5 seconds. The master reset technique requires quickly opening and closing the washer door 6 times within a short 12-second period.
  • This rapid open/close sequence effectively reconnects key internal electrical components and has the machine rapidly cycle power, forcing itself to reboot just like how resetting electronics does the trick. Think of it like a hard refresh for your smartphone or computer.
  • Resetting the advanced computerized controls acts as an easy first troubleshooting step before arranging costly service calls when the washer is acting up. However, it does not fix all problems, mainly those originating from failed mechanical parts or drainage issues.
  • But a simple reset is vastly quicker than repairs, takes no tools or technical know-how, and works to get many Hoover washers functioning again with modern electronic problems. 

So before calling for service, access the reset button or use the master reset door method to potentially save money and frustration!

Pros and Cons of Resetting Your Hoover Washer


  1. Resetting your Hoover washing machine has several advantages over immediately calling for repairs when problems pop up. As mentioned, it is extremely fast and easy – with no tools or technical skills, the reset button is accessible right on the control panel. Quickly opening and closing the door achieves the master reset to reboot the machine.
  2. Since a repair technician costs over $100 just to show up at your door, being able to resolve minor errors yourself saves money. Why pay for a service call when a simple reset may do the trick in seconds?
  3. In addition to clearing error codes and glitched cycle programming, resetting often fixes issues with drainage pumps not activating, internal monitoring sensors sending faulty alerts, and problems with the electronic control board itself. So you get to solve a wide range of potential machine failures.
  4. Lastly, resetting allows you to rule out computerized electrical problems before paying to have mechanical parts inspected or replaced if the washer still fails to operate properly after resetting. So you avoid unnecessary charges for repairs not needed.


  1. The downside of resetting Hoover washers yourself is that it wastes time if the true underlying problem is a failed part needing replacement. If a door latch, motor, or drainage pump component has mechanically broken, a reset will only work temporarily or not at all.
  2. Repeatedly resetting an aging washer when new error codes keep popping up causes further inconvenience as well. And you still end up needing a repair technician in the end, after considerable aggravation.
  3. Lastly, for serious electrical short circuit issues, resetting can theoretically cause further damage by power cycling vulnerable control boards and components. So avoid repeated resets if problems persist.

Overall, however, quickly trying a Hoover washer reset is worth the small amount of time and effort before embarking on repairs. Just don’t expect resets to fix all mechanical problems long-term.

Step-by-Step Guide to Resetting Your Hoover Washing Machine

Follow these steps to reset your Hoover washer:

1. Check Power and Drainage

Before resetting:

  • Verify the machine is plugged in and outlet works
  • Check circuit breaker or fuses
  • Ensure the drain hose isn’t clogged

Fix any power or drainage issues first.

2. Check for Imbalanced Load

An uneven load can stop the cycle. Redistribute wash for balanced spinning.

3. Locate Reset Button

Check the manual for reset button location. Common options:

  • “Start/Pause” button – Hold 5+ seconds
  • Turn the dial to the “Reset” position
  • “Stop” or symbol button

4. Initiate Reset

Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds until the light flashes or you hear beeps.

5. Run Rinse Cycle

After resetting, run a rinse cycle. If it completes, the reset likely worked.

6. Master Reset (If Needed)

If the basic reset fails, do a master reset:

  1. Unplug the washer for 1 minute
  2. Open and close the door 6 times in 12 seconds
  3. Plug back in and run a rinse cycle

This resets all electronics.

7. Get Repairs (If Needed)

If the rinse cycle still fails, repairs are needed. Contact Hoover support or technicians.

Tip: Always check warranty coverage first for new models.

And that’s all there is to it! Following these simple Hoover washing machine reset steps can get your washer running again fast without an expensive service call.

10 Best Hoover Washer Reset Tips and Tricks

Reset your Hoover washing machine like a pro with these helpful troubleshooting tips:

For front loaders:

  • Lean machine forward – Improves door closure to reset
  • Clean door seal – Ensure tight door seal for reset signal
  • Verify door locks – Latch must be secure to complete the reset

For top loaders:

  • Check lid magnets – Must connect fully when closing the lid
  • Inspect lid strike – Fix closure issues impeding reset
  • Add washers to improve closure – Shims can help make full contact

For all models:

  • Listen for beeps and watch lights – Signals successful reset sequence
  • Try multiple cycles after resetting – confirm it wasn’t a one-off fix
  • Unplug after dry cycles – Resets as the final troubleshooting step
  • Adjust legs to level machine – Stabilizes washer for best performance

Use these pro tips for a smooth washing machine reset and to avoid repeat service calls.

10 Common Hoover Washer Reset Problems and Solutions

Still, having issues after trying to reset your Hoover washing machine? These troubleshooting tips can help:

Problem 1: Power light blinking after reset attempt

Solution 1: Redo master reset, check other electrical issues

Problem 2: The door won’t stay latched during the sequence

Solution 2: Clean seal, inspect strike alignment

Problem 3: Display goes blank or locks up

Solution 3: Hard power reset fixes control boards

Problem 4: Buttons unresponsive

Solution 4: Control failure – replace console

Problem 5: “Door Open” error after reset

Solution 5: Adjust the strike position, replace the latch

Problem 6: Leaking water after sequence

Solution 6: Drain pump, hoses, and other repairs needed

Problem 7: Unbalanced load error persists

Solution 7: Redistribute wash, reduce load size

Problem 8: The machine won’t spin after reset

Solution 8: Possible motor error – contact repair pro

Problem 9: The machine won’t drain

Solution 9: Ensure the hose isn’t clogged, fix the pump

Problem 10: Other error codes show

Solution 10: Underlying failure requires repair

If you’ve tried all troubleshooting tips and the washer fails the rinse cycle, professional service is likely needed.

FAQ About Resetting Your Hoover Washing Machine

Still, have questions about properly resetting your Hoover washer? These common questions have you covered:

  • How many times do I need to open and close the door to reset?

For the master reset sequence, open and firmly close the door 6 times total within 12 seconds.

  • Will resetting delete my saved cycles?

No, resetting will not clear your customized wash cycles. It resets errors and electronics only.

  • Can I reset it while the washing machine is running?

Only specific models allow resets mid-cycle. Check the manual before attempting.

  • Why does my machine beep three times after resetting?

Triple beeps on some Hoover washers signal a successful master reset sequence.

  • Is it normal for my machine to pause for several minutes after resetting before starting the wash cycle?

Yes, up to 8 minutes is normal for the reboot process post-reset. Do not stop waiting mid-pause.

  • I have a top loader and the lid won’t fully close. Can I still reset successfully?

No, the lid must make full contact when closing for the reset signal to initiate properly in most models. The magnetic connection activates the detection sensor to begin the reset sequence.

  • My Hoover touchscreen is blank after I press the reset button. Is it broken?

No, going blank is normal right after the machine reset with touchscreen models and the display should reboot within 5 minutes or so. Try power reset if the screen stays black longer than 10 minutes.

  • Is there anything else I should check if my washer still won’t start after I tried resetting it?

Yes, after resetting verify that all transportation bolts and packing material got removed if this is a first-time installation. Transport bolts can sometimes impede normal start function if they are not taken out first.

  • How do I reset my Hoover app connectivity?

To reset app connectivity, go into your smartphone device settings, select the appliance app, choose options to erase network pairing info, and then follow app instructions to reconnect with the machine’s WiFi.

We hope these reset tips and FAQ help you get your Hoover washer running smoothly again! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Conclusion: Resetting Can Quickly Fix Many Hoover Washer Issues

Before you panic or call for expensive repairs when your Hoover washing machine stops mid-cycle or won’t start, follow the comprehensive troubleshooting tips outlined to reset your washer.

For many common errors, quickly resetting the machine restores normal function. Learn your washer’s reset button location and how to perform both basic and master resets.

However, if resets fail to get your Hoover washing machine running and draining properly, underlying mechanical problems likely need professional service. Use warranty coverage when available on newer models.

We hope our detailed guide gives you the confidence to tackle Hoover washer problems yourself. But with the right protection plan, costly repairs don’t have to cause stress or inconvenience, no matter your troubleshooting skills.

Consider appliance protection to offset repair bills down the road. And happy washing!