10 Repurpose Wine Rack to Store Your Bottles in Style

Any wine lover understands the significance of finding a functional nevertheless chic-looking storage method for unopened bottles. Which (Repurpose Wine Rack) can easily clutter an entire kitchen counter if you’re not careful.

The idea is something that can organize bottles while also protecting them and keeping them close at hand for simple grabbing and looking good while doing it, of course.

The good thing is that bits such as that are easily DIY-able, and these 15 cases are proof.

Whether you prefer a rustic appearance or lean a little more modern, there are many alternatives in regard to crafting the best display for your home.

Repurpose Wine Rack to Store Your Bottles in Style

Repurpose Wine Rack
Repurpose Wine Rack

Top 10 Best Repurpose Wine Rack 2023

1. Display wine bottles with numbered labels

Blogger Whitney Gainer of Shanty2Chic made a beautiful wine rack complete with numbered tags to show off five of her favorite blends. This project is more advanced, so you’ll want to be certain you own a drill, sander, and more, as outlined in Gainer’s tutorial.

2. Make a free-standing wine rack/bar cart

If you’re trying to find a setup that closely resembles a typical pub cart, you will want to scope out blogger Bre Bertolini’s installation, which is made of walnut and plywood stained in dark walnut. It allows wine aficionados to easily view the bottles they have available whilst providing lots of storage for glasses of all shapes and sizes.

3. Make a minimalist leather sling

Blogger Sam Raimondi made this stunning wine sling using aluminum sticks and leather. Here, it’s shown with a single jar, but every sling could hold roughly three.

4. Create a wall display for bottles and glasses

Blogger Bethany Sy also utilized leather to create this stunning wine holder made to be mounted onto the wall; there is room to store a couple of wine glasses beneath, too. Sy added some personalization by means of a stencil–an especially wise addition if you’re looking to present your own wine rack.

5. Use hooks to hold wine bottles in place

How beautiful is blogger Jenni Yolo’s Barnwood wine rack, which stands outside with a little shiny copper? The chalkboard paint-up top finishes off the rustic look. This project seems super trendy but requires minimal tools and expertise to pull off.

6. Add a wine rack to an existing island

Blogger Sarah Saucedo of Thrifty Decor Chick decided to update her current kitchen island to incorporate a wine rack. She made it out of timber she had on hand, then painted both the rack and the island a beautiful blueish gray for a cohesive look.

7. Build a geometric wood display

The best part about working with plywood is there are endless opportunities to personalize your creation. Blogger Sarah Fogle created this intricate shape using wood that she stained and sanded and then mounted the bit into her wall. This wine rack easily doubles as decor.

8. Make an industrial tabletop display

If you’re a lover of all things industrial appearing, you are going to want to replicate the pipe wine rack that blogger Stephen Johnson made. The pipe component of this piece is in fact available for purchase on Amazon; you will just need to purchase wood for the foundation.

9. Repurpose a pegboard as a wine rack

This pegboard-turned-wine rack that Becky Marshall of Flipping the Flip produced has space for plenty of bottles, that can be held in place by long dowels.

This piece looks lovely in its natural wood color, but you could also spray paint the finished product or perhaps just the wood financing at the color of your opting for some excess oomph.

Yes, this is a repurposed pegboard as a wine rack, but still, the reusable wine package as a wine rack is the ultimate beauty that we the wine lovers have a space in our hearts.

10. Build an under-cabinet bottle shelf

Blogger Lindi Vanderschaaf of Love Create Celebrate made a copper wine rack to affix to the bottom of her kitchen cabinets for maximum storage.

The last product houses six bottles of wine without taking up precious counter or wall space, which makes it a superb option if you’re working with limited square footage.

Things to Remember While Building a Wine Rack for Home

When it comes to displaying your wine collection, few things are as aesthetically pleasing and functional as a well-built wine rack.

Not only does it showcase your vintages, but it also keeps them properly stored, which is essential for maintaining the wine’s quality over time.

Here are some key factors to remember when building a wine rack for your home.

1. Consider Your Space:

Before you start sketching your dream wine rack, take a good look at the space available. The size and layout of your room will significantly impact the design of the rack. You need to ensure it fits well and enhances your space instead of cramping it. For smaller spaces, a compact, wall-mounted rack might work best. Larger rooms might accommodate floor-to-ceiling designs or even a wine cabinet.

2. Understand Your Wine Collection:

The design of your wine rack should be dictated by the type and size of your wine collection. If you have a mix of standard wine bottles and larger ones such as Champagne or Magnum, you will need to account for different sizes. If your collection leans more towards white wines, you may also want to consider a rack with space for a wine cooler, as white wine is best served chilled.

3. Choose The Right Material:

The choice of material for your wine rack is as much a matter of personal preference as it is of functionality. Traditional racks are made of wood, which is attractive and robust but may not suit a modern interior design. Metal, on the other hand, can offer a sleek, contemporary look. Some people also choose materials like acrylic for a unique, modern vibe.

4. Focus on Proper Storage:

Remember, the main purpose of a wine rack is to store wine properly. This means bottles should be stored horizontally to keep the cork moist, preventing it from drying out and letting air into the bottle. Also, consider light exposure – wine should be kept out of direct sunlight as UV rays can degrade it. If your rack is going to be in a brightly lit area, consider a rack design that offers some protection from light.

5. Stability and Strength:

Your wine rack must be sturdy enough to hold your bottles securely. This is especially important if you’re planning a larger rack. Each bottle of wine weighs about 2.5 pounds, and the weight adds up quickly. A weak rack can be a hazard in your home, so ensure that the design and materials used provide sufficient strength.

6. Aesthetic Appeal:

Finally, don’t forget about the aesthetic appeal. Your wine rack isn’t just a storage unit; it’s a part of your home’s décor. It should complement the style and color scheme of your home. You can customize the look of your wine rack with different finishes or by adding decorative elements.

7. Consider Future Growth:

It’s also a good idea to consider the future growth of your wine collection. You may want to have extra space in your rack for new acquisitions. It can be frustrating to run out of space just as you’re getting enthusiastic about expanding your collection.

8. DIY or Professional Help:

Depending on your skills, tools, and available time, you may opt to build the wine rack yourself. However, for complex designs or if you’re unsure about your ability, it might be better to seek professional help.

Remember, the most important thing about your wine rack is that it should serve its purpose: to store your wines in the best possible condition while offering an appealing visual element to your living space. By considering these factors, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect home for your wines.

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