6 Farmhouse Style Upgrades for Your Kitchen

The farmhouse style, known for its focus on simplicity, comfort, and homeyness, has remained popular in interior design, and farmhouse kitchens are an especially popular way to incorporate it into any home. Adding farmhouse style to your kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Here are six simple farmhouse-style ideas for upgrading your kitchen.

1. Deep Porcelain Sink

A good, deep kitchen sink of porcelain or stainless steel practically screams farmhouse, and it’s a great way to upgrade the usability of your kitchen as well! While stainless steel will also work, porcelain is particularly homey and classic, so it suits the farmhouse style especially well.

2. Aged and Vintage Pieces

Another great way to go the farmhouse route is by incorporating aged or vintage pieces of furniture into your kitchen. Keep in mind that, even though farmhouse furniture is typically more natural and rustic than other styles, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily older, so a good aged stool or another small furniture piece will still stand out in a farmhouse space.

3. Rustic Wooden Tabletop

The kitchen or dining room table is a key element to any kitchen, regardless of its style, and that remains true for farmhouse kitchens. To add a farmhouse upgrade to your kitchen table, go with a simple, rustic wooden tabletop. If you’re going for more of a modern farmhouse style, you could tone down the rustic but keep the tabletop natural and simple. Going with an oversized table is also a great idea, as the farmhouse style really lends itself well to bringing a big group of family and friends together over a meal.

4. Beige and Grey

For any farmhouse kitchen, beige and grey are some of the best options for color schemes, especially when one or both are combined with a simple white. You could paint your cabinets beige, for example, to give them a mild contrast with a white backsplash and walls, or perhaps go with a beige-tan color scheme on the island cabinets while going with a medium grey on the surrounding cabinets and white countertops to tie it all together. The possibilities with these two or three colors alone are endless!

5. Ceramic Decor

Ceramic decor is another kitchen addition that will add farmhouse flair, especially white ceramics. Ceramic art pieces have a down-to-earth feel while also being simple and pleasant, and they are timeless in nature as well.

6. Open Shelving

Finally, a great way to incorporate the farmhouse look and feel in your kitchen (or any room, for that matter) is to add open shelving. While you certainly don’t want a cluttered kitchen, having a couple of these shelves on the wall (one over the other, for example) can help to fill in the space on your kitchen walls to help keep things cozy. They could be functional and hold kitchen utensils or other items you need to use, or they could be purely devoted to decorative purposes.

These six ideas could just be the beginning of your next kitchen renovation, and going with a farmhouse-style kitchen is a great way to add character and comfort to the all-important space where you gather with your friends and family over good food and conversation.