Rise of EV Vehicles in Adelaide

Now more than ever before, the city of Adelaide is committed to a greener city and planet at large. This is not just by orienting residents on the need to play their part in making the city greener. It is equally about committing resources to this course.

Rise of EV Vehicles in Adelaide

Making Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations more available and accessible is one of the several ways the city is doing this. Users of these facilities sometimes get incentives such as free hours of charging. For more information about this, you can visit: https://www.cityofadelaide.com.au/.

Frankly, this makes a lot of sense given the unprecedented rise in the purchase and use of electric vehicles in the city and all of Australia as a whole. More about EV chargers will be discussed in this article. So, read on to find out more about them and the possibility of having and operating one for personal or even business purposes.

The Rise of EV Vehicles in Adelaide: How Do You Charge Them?

Rise of EV Vehicles in Adelaide

More people are buying into the idea of using Electric vehicles. This is not just because of its ability to significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. It is also about a host of other benefits including less noise pollution, lower maintenance and fueling costs, and positive economic impact through job creation.

The whole point is that EVs are increasingly common in Adelaide, Southern Australia, and the country at large. However, some people are still in the dark, especially as regards how they are fueled or charged. Well, here is what you should know about that:

Public Charging

Most EVs in Adelaide are charged using public electric vehicle chargers. The city in its bid to ensure a greener city has ensured that these charging stations are more accessible and available. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of public EV charging stations. Common places where they are located include parking garages, public areas, shopping centers, and major highways.

Home Charging

It is possible to set up home charging stations. As a result, EV owners that have such stations are not compelled to use public stations. Lots of EV owners even prefer it for convenience and other reasons.

It is also good to know that the grid system is adjusting to the need to accommodate home charging of EVs. You can read this report for more information on this.

Charging Pace for Electric Vehicles in Adelaide

Whether it is a public or home charging station, it could be any of three categories in terms of charging pace:

Level 3 (DC Fast Charging)

This option charges the fastest. It is so fast that more than a third of the battery’s capacity can be charged in less than an hour. It could even be less depending on the charged battery and its state before being charged.

Level 2 Charging

This is the next fastest option. Unlike the aforementioned which can be fully charged in an hour or less, this option would take a few hours at least.

Level 1 Charging

This is the slowest option as its power outlet is the regular kind for household usage. It is better suited for people who prefer to charge overnight.

So, it is any of these three options. However, it is more common to see home charging stations using the level 1 charging option than with public stations. This is quite understandable as public stations are for commercial purposes and time is seriously of the essence in such settings.

Installing an EV Charger in Adelaide

Home charging seems like the preferred option for many EV users. However, it still does not undermine the importance of public charging stations. Whether it is for home or public use, here are some things to know about the installation of EV chargers in Adelaide:

Proper Planning Is Necessary

As a result of the cost, time, and effort it takes to install one, you cannot afford to get it wrong. For starters, it has to be stationed in the right place.

Speaking of location, some of the common choices include carports, dedicated parking spots, and garages. But by and large, the location needs to:

  • Enable easy access
  • Offer protection from natural elements
  • Be close tothe electrical panel

A crucial part of the planning also entails deciding the charging pace to opt for. There could be factors that influence one’s choice. For example, some areas do not permit the installation of a level 3 charger, which is the fastest as discussed early on.

Finally and equally very important is the need to assess electrical capacity. You need to ensure that it can accommodate an EV charger.

There may be a need for electrical upgrades, depending on the results of the assessment. The expertise of an electrician Adelaide is required for every aspect of the planning. This is particularly for assessing the required electrical capacity.

Regulatory Approval

This project has to be permitted in certain areas. So, you should find out if there is a need to obtain any kind of permit before installing your EV charger.


The charger has to be properly installed and this informs the need to only hire the right electrician for the task. Proper installation entails proper – mounting of charger on post or wall, wiring, and connection of wiring to electrical panel.


The setup has to be well inspected before use. Doing so ensures that everything checks out. This procedure is particularly important for safety reasons. So, it should not be made light of.

Furthermore, local installation codes and industry standards should influence the inspection process. This is why electricians who are not just experts at installing EV chargers but are well aware of local installation laws and industry standards are needed for this task.

User Education

People who make use of the EV chargers need to know how to properly use them. So, they should be well informed about proper usage.


The services of an electrician are required for nearly every aspect of installing an EV charger, whether it is for home or public use. However, you should know that not every electrician possesses the technical expertise and experience required for handling this kind of job. So, be intentional about hiring electricians with proven experience and technical expertise for this task.