How to Get Planet Fitness Free Trial DayPass Near Me?

Going to a gym for the first time can be intimidating. You may not be sure if the facilities, equipment, classes, and overall environment are right for you. Planet Fitness aims to provide a comfortable, non-intimidating gym experience at an affordable cost.

As the largest fitness chain in the United States with over 2,200 locations, Planet Fitness offers useful programs so you can see if their gyms meet your needs before joining.

How to Get Planet Fitness Free Trial DayPass Near Me?

Planet Fitness Free Trial DayPass

You have two options to visit a Planet Fitness gym for free before becoming a member:

  • Free Trial: Get an independent 1-day free pass to any Planet Fitness location every 90 days. No existing membership requirements.
  • Guest Pass: Register for free daily access when invited by a current Black Card Planet Fitness member. No limits on repeat visits as a guest when accompanied by your host member.

Review both free gym visit programs below to leverage and determine if Planet Fitness works for your fitness regimen before paying a membership commitment.

How to Get a Free 1-Day Trial at Planet Fitness?

How to Get a Free 1-Day Trial at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness allows anyone to sign up directly for a free 1-day trial pass to independently experience the facilities.

Current Working Methods to Get Planet Fitness Free Trial DayPass Near You:

Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the Planet Fitness website and enter your location.
  2. Select “Get Your Free Pass” on your gym location page.
  3. Provide your basic contact information including name, email address, and phone number.
  4. Read and agree to the terms and conditions to finish signing up for your free trial pass.
  5. Bring your pass confirmation email and photo ID to the Planet Fitness location on your trial day.
  6. A tour is required on your first visit before using the weight machines or cardio equipment.
  7. Use the full 1-day free trial to test out the gym and determine if Planet Fitness offers what you need.

Key Free Trial Pass Policies:

  • You must be 18 or older (or 13-17 with a parent/guardian) with a valid photo ID.
  • Each person can get one free 1-day trial every 90 days at any United States Planet Fitness location.
  • The free pass cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.
  • A tour is mandatory before your first workout on the trial day.
  • Free trial users have full gym access except for Black Card services like tanning.

If after your free trial, you enjoy the Planet Fitness experience, you can join at a low monthly cost with a one-year commitment.

Get a Free Guest Pass to Try Planet Fitness

In addition to free trials, Planet Fitness also grants Black Card members the perk of inviting a guest at no cost. As a Planet Fitness guest, you gain full access to all areas of the gym except for Black Card’s exclusive amenities like unlimited tanning and massage chairs.

Here is an overview of the guest pass process and policies:

  • Black Card members can invite one guest per day by sending them a pass through the Planet Fitness mobile app.
  • Guests must register online when invited to claim their free 1-day pass.
  • There is no limit on the number of times a guest can visit Planet Fitness when accompanied by the member who invited them.
  • Guests must enter the gym with the Black Card member who sent the invite. Photo ID required.
  • Guest passes offer an excellent opportunity to experience Planet Fitness for free when you know a current member.

Free Trial vs Guest Pass – What’s the Difference?

With both options available, what exactly is the difference between getting a free trial directly vs entering as a guest of a member?

Free Trial Guest Pass
Who Can Get It Anyone 18+. Visit the PF site and sign up independently. Friends/family of existing Black Card members.
How to Get It Sign up on the location site. Provide contact info. Black Card member sends invites on the app. Guest registers.
Allowed Frequency One 1-day pass per person every 90 days. One guest per Black Card member per day. Unlimited repeat visits.
Requirements Valid photo ID. Tour first. Must enter with the inviting member. Photo ID to check in.
Perks Access Full gym access. Full access except for Black Card amenities.
Cost Free Free
Repeat Policy Every 90 days Unlimited with member

The key differences come down to existing membership requirements and entry policies. Free trials allow independent entry while guest passes rely on invites from current Black Card members. Compare to determine the better no-cost way to experience Planet Fitness based on your situation.

FAQs on Planet Fitness Free Trial DayPass:

  • Who can get a free trial at Planet Fitness?

Anyone 18+ years old can sign up directly for a free 1-day trial pass on the Planet Fitness website every 90 days. 13-17-year-olds can access a pass with a parent or guardian.

  • How do I get a free guest pass to Planet Fitness?

Use the Planet Fitness mobile app to have an existing Black Card member send you a pass invite. Register online to claim your free 1-day guest access.

  • Can I repeat a free trial after 90 days?

Yes, you can sign up for a new free 1-day trial every 90 days. It resets the 90-day waiting period when you grab a new pass.

  • Is there a limit to guest pass visits if entering with a member?

No, you can visit Planet Fitness an unlimited number of times as a guest when accompanied by the Black Card member who sent your guest pass.

  • Do I already need a membership to use a guest pass?

Yes, only current Planet Fitness Black Card members have the capability on the app to invite guests by sending them free 1-day passes.

  • Can teenagers get a free trial or guest pass?

Yes. Teens ages 13-17 can access either a free trial or guest pass when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during the gym visit.

  • What identification do I need to bring for a free trial or guest pass?

A valid government-issued photo ID like a driver’s license or passport is required to check in at Planet Fitness for both free trial users and guests.

  • How long is the Planet Fitness free trial pass valid?

Planet Fitness free trial passes provide 1 day of access. You must wait 90 days to sign up again after using your free trial.

  • Are there any commitments or fees if I use a free 1-day trial?

No, there are no join requirements, fees, or commitments associated with Planet Fitness’s free trials. You only need to provide basic contact information to sign up on their website.

  • How many guests per day can a Black Card member invite?

Active Planet Fitness Black Card members can send free 1-day guest passes to invite up to 1 guest per day to join them during their workouts.

Top Alternatives to Try a Gym Free

While extremely affordable, Planet Fitness may not suit all fitness needs. Check out these top gym chains that also offer free 1-day trials and guest passes to experience their equipment and facilities before paying for membership.

Gym Free Trial Guest Pass Gym Type Locations Cost
Planet Fitness 1 Day 1 Per Day Basic/Budget 2,200 $10+
Anytime Fitness 7 Days 4 Per Year 24 Hour Access 4,500 $30-150
Gold’s Gym 3 Days No Bodybuilding 700 Varies
Crunch Fitness 1 Week Unlimited Classes 325 $9.95+
LA Fitness 1 Day 4 Per Year Amenities 750 $30+
Life Time Fitness 7 Days No Luxury 150 $60+
Equinox 1 Week No High-End 105 $200+
Blink Fitness 1 Day Unlimited Budget 100 $15-30

Review to find another reputable fitness center chain that meets exercise requirements and offers trial passes to experience amenities first before officially enrolling.

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Conclusion – Leverage Free Trials and Passes at Gyms

Trying out a gym before paying membership fees is a savvy approach. As the largest gym chain globally, Planet Fitness allows free 1-day access through both independent free trials and guest passes from Black Card members.

Leverage both no-cost opportunities to evaluate facilities, equipment, amenities, and the overall environment to determine if Planet Fitness provides a good fitness option for your needs and goals.

Look into trial offers from leading fitness competitors as well. By taking advantage of free trials and passes first, you can sign up for the gym that best fits your workout style.