How to Unlock A Samsung Washer? A Step by Step Guide

Have you ever tossed a load of laundry into your Samsung washer, pressed start, and then realized you forgot to add the fabric softener or your kid’s favorite blankie?

I’ve been there, my friend. You open up the washer and realize the door is locked tighter than Fort Knox!

We all know the dreaded feeling. There you are, stuck waiting impatiently until the wash finishes so you can unlock your washer and add the forgotten item.

Well, hold your horses there because you actually can unlock a Samsung washing machine quickly whenever the need arises.

Let me hip you to the tricks of the trade and explain why your washer keeps locking you out in the first place. I used to grapple with my Samsung when it refused to open mid-cycle too.

But armed with the troubleshooting advice I’m going to share in this little guide, you’ll soon become an expert at getting those locked Samsung doors cracked back open.

So let’s get to it and unravel the mystery of both why and how to unlock your stubborn Samsung washer!

How to Unlock A Samsung Washer?

How to Unlock A Samsung Washer

Arm yourself with the info below and you can get your washer unlocked in no time. Let’s dig in!

Understanding Why Samsung Washers Lock

Samsung washers are designed to lock the door and control panel when a cycle is underway.

This serves an important safety function to:

  • Prevent opening the door during wash cycles (hot water could spill or spray out).
  • Stop cycle settings from being changed mid-wash.
  • Ensure cycles run from start to finish without interruption.

The lock mechanism disengages automatically when the cycle finishes. However, if the washer malfunctions or loses power, the lock may fail to disengage. When this happens, the door remains tightly shut until the lock is manually opened.

Common Reasons Your Samsung Washer Won’t Unlock

There are a few usual suspects to blame when a Samsung washer fails to unlock:

  • Power failure – If the power went out mid-cycle, the machine may still think it’s running when power returns. This triggers the lock.
  • Control board issues – If the control board malfunctions, it can send erroneous signals to keep the lock engaged.
  • Door latch problems – Issues with the physical door latch assembly can prevent the door from unlocking properly.
  • Child lock engaged – Some Samsung washers allow you to activate a child lock feature, which disables the controls.
  • Error codes – Check the display. Error codes indicating problems (like unbalanced loads) could be the culprit.

Knowing the cause of the lock problem guides you to the proper fix. Next, we’ll cover the step-by-step techniques to unlock different Samsung washer models when they get stuck.

Instructions to Unlock Your Samsung Washer

The methods to unlock a stuck Samsung washer depend partially on your model but generally fall into three approaches:

  • Power cycling
  • Disengaging child lock
  • Resetting the control panel

Follow the basic step-by-steps below to try unlocking your Samsung washer model:

Method 1: Power Cycle Your Samsung Washer

Try rebooting your machine if it’s unresponsive:

  1. Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds to turn the washer off
  2. Unplug the washer from the electrical outlet
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes before plugging the power cord back in
  4. Press Power again to restart the washer

This may override any glitches causing the lock to stick.

Method 2: Disengage the Child Lock

If your Samsung washer has a child lock option:

  1. Press and hold the button labeled Child Lock for 3-5 seconds
  2. When the child lock light turns off, the lock deactivates
  3. The washer should unlock

Method 3: Reset the Control Panel

Reset your control panel to factory settings:

  1. Press and hold Power and Extra Rinse simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  2. Keep holding until the display shows “EEPROM Clear”.
  3. Release the buttons and let the washer reset itself.
  4. When reset finishes, the lock should disengage.

Tip: Not all models use Extra Rinse for the reset combo. Check your manual!

If the above steps don’t unlock the washer, don’t panic yet! There are still a few more tricks up your sleeve…

Troubleshooting Tips to Open a Samsung Washer

Is your Samsung washer still stubbornly locked? Try these additional troubleshooting suggestions before calling a repair pro:

  • Inspect for error codes on the display – Interpret any diagnostic error messages using your model’s user guide.
  • Verify the door is fully closed – Latch issues can activate the lock.
  • Check the door lock components – Examine the latch assembly for damage or debris that could impede opening.
  • Disconnect washer power longer – Unplugging for 10+ minutes forces a hard reboot to clear glitches.
  • Search Samsung support for your model’s specialized unlocking instructions.

Still no luck? It’s probably time to contact Samsung or call an appliance repair technician to properly diagnose and fix any underlying malfunctions keeping your washer stuck.

With some focused troubleshooting using the advice above, hopefully, you can get your Samsung appliance unlocked and ready for laundry duty again!

Let’s continue and answer some common questions about this predicament…

FAQs: Unlocking a Stuck Samsung Washer

Still, have some lingering questions about why your Samsung washer won’t unlock or what to do about it. These frequently asked questions provide additional useful details:

  • Q: Why did my Samsung washer suddenly lock mid-cycle?

A: If your Samsung washer locks unexpectedly while running a load, it could signal a problem with the door latch, control board, or sensors malfunctioning. First power cycle the washer and run a diagnostic test. If issues persist, a technician can troubleshoot deeper electrical/mechanical failures causing abnormal locking.

  • Q: Why does my Samsung washer lock when the power goes out?

A: These washers require electrical power to keep their internal computer “brain” functioning. During a power outage, it triggers the lock as a default safety precaution until electricity returns to “tell” the machine it’s safe to unlock. Restoring power should automatically open the lock shortly.

  • Q: How do I manually unlock my Samsung washer without power?

A: You can manually unlock the door by locating the small drain hose on the bottom front of the machine. Gently pull the hose to disengage the latch and access your clothes until power returns. Don’t yank or tug hard.

  • Q: What’s the best way to prevent my Samsung washer from locking up?

A: While occasional locking issues can crop up, following care and maintenance guidelines in your user manual can minimize problems. Avoid overloading the machine, clean the door gasket and lock components regularly, and address warning signs like grinding noises that indicate mechanical problems.

  • Q: Why does my Samsung washer display error code ‘OE’ and won’t unlock?

A: The ‘OE’ code signifies an issue with unbalanced clothes or excess suds. To clear the code, redistribute clothes evenly and run a rinse & spin cycle without detergent. Consult your owner’s guide for any other error codes that could influence the locking function.

Still, seeking support to get your Samsung appliance unlocked? Contact one of <a href=””>Samsung’s trusted home appliance repair partners</a>.

Let’s Recap the Key Takeaways…

To refresh the main pointers for unlocking a stuck Samsung washer:

  • Samsung washers automatically lock doors/controls during cycles as a safety feature
  • Common issues are power glitches, control/door failures, child lock functions
  • Reboot and reset your machine, inspect components, disengage locks
  • For lasting solutions, identify error codes or call technicians to fix mechanical problems

With some focused DIY troubleshooting methods, you can usually get your Samsung washer unlocked quickly. But if problems recur or require further diagnosis, don’t hesitate to leverage Samsung appliance support.

We hope this guide gave you a better grasp of how to unlock a stubborn Samsung washer when it decides to put up a fight! You’ve got the essential problem-solving techniques to set your appliance free.


Doing laundry should not be a battle of wills between you and your stuck washing machine! Arm yourself with the troubleshooting intel above to get your Samsung washer unlocked promptly.

Remember that washers lock automatically for safety during cycles. Issues like power losses, electronic glitches, or mechanical failures can all prevent normal unlocking afterward.

Power cycle resets, child lock deactivation, control panel resets, and manual component checks can typically resolve temporary sticking issues. For recurring problems, identify error messages or call in Samsung appliance specialists to fix deeper root causes.

Laundry waits for no one, so don’t put up with a Samsung washer that refuses to unlock! Follow our decoding advice to tame your stubborn appliance quickly.

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