How to Put A Rug Under A Bed by Yourself?

Imagine your bedroom is like a sandwich (stay with me here). Your bed is the juicy, tasty filling, and an area rug?

Well, it’s the bread that holds everything together! Now, let’s figure out how to make this bedroom sandwich a reality.

How to Put A Rug Under A Bed by Yourself?

How to Put A Rug Under A Bed by Yourself

Why Bother with an Area Rug?

First off, placing an area rug in your bedroom isn’t just about flaunting your style but also about creating a comfy foot landing on those chilly winter mornings.

Most people like to play it safe and place their rugs near their beds. Why, you ask? Because leaping out of bed onto a cold floor is, well, less than ideal.

The Great Rug Slide:

How do you sneak a rug under that colossal bed of yours? Here’s the trick:

  • Roll It! Begin by rolling up your rug and placing it on one side of the bed.
  • Lift & Tuck: Next, give your bed a little ‘upliftment’. Place the start of the rug under the bed’s legs.
  • The Grand Unroll: Smoothly roll out the rug to the opposite side.
  • Lift & Settle: Raise the other side of the bed and tuck the rug underneath. Voilà!
  • Though the technique seems straightforward, a bed that’s levitating a few inches above the floor is a tad easier to manage than one that’s practically glued to the ground.

Note: Make sure to have a buddy or two for this operation. Just like moving a couch, things get easier (and funnier) with friends around.

Choosing the Right Rug Size for Your Bed:

  • For Full-Sized Beds: Go for 5’ x 8’ rugs. It’s kind of like pairing sneakers with a casual dress – might sound odd, but it works!
  • Queen-Sized Beds: Opt for 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ rugs. This ensures you’re not playing a cruel game of hide-and-seek with your gorgeous rug.
  • King-Sized Beds: Need an 8’ x 10’ or even 9 x 12’ rug. Think of it like wearing high heels on a red carpet – go big or go home!

Placing Your Rug Under the Bed:

  • Clean the Battlefield: Ensure nothing is lurking under the bed.
  • Slide & Position: Introduce the rolled rug to the underside of your bed.
  • Lift, Slide, and Roll: With a bit of lifting and strategic placement, roll out your rug to its full glory!

How to Put A Rug Under A Bed by Yourself?

Hey there! So, you’ve got that stubborn, ground-loving bed and a dazzling rug just waiting to be displayed?

I know, it feels like trying to push a camel through the eye of a needle. But, fret not! Let’s embark on the quest of rug wrangling with a sprinkle of humor, some muscle (and maybe a friendly neighbor or two).

Here’s how to get that rug under your floor-loving bed without summoning the chiropractor.

  • Find a Buddy: Ah! The old ‘lifting a heavy object’ trick. If you’ve got a buddy (or can lure one with the promise of cookies), this is gonna be a cinch. If you’re attempting this solo, bless your brave heart, but remember: safety first!
  • Gather ‘round, mighty lifters: If both of you feel like you’ve been hitting the gym enough lately, try lifting the bed in one go. If not, well, it’s dismantling time. Remove the mattress and perhaps break down the frame if needed. Jenga, anyone? Ensure you have a mental (or physical) note on how it all goes back together; otherwise, you might end up with a fancy art installation instead of a bed.
  • Roll out the Red…err Rug Carpet: With the bed moved (or deconstructed), it’s time to unveil your rug! Begin near the wall and roll it out in all its glory. Take a moment. Admire it. Maybe even do a little dance on it. But remember: the end goal is to make sure your bed and rug will be in perfect harmony. Like PB&J. Or Netflix and chill.
  • Return of the Bed: If you simply move the bed, with some helping hands, place it back, ensuring it’s elegantly centered on the rug. A little to the left… no, your other left! Perfect!
  • DIY Bed Construction Time: If you went down the dismantle route, position the headboard against the wall and align it with the rug’s center. Bit by bit, piece your bed back together. Try not to have any ‘extra’ screws at the end. If you do, maybe just hide them and hope the bed doesn’t collapse. And voila! You’ve successfully waged a rug war and won. Take a bow (but not too deep, remember, we just did some heavy lifting).

Your bed and rug are now in a harmonious relationship, and your room looks like it’s straight out of a magazine.

Time to put the kettle on and admire your handiwork! And maybe ice any sore muscles.

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Final Thought:

Whether it’s a magic carpet or just an ordinary rug, adding one to your bedroom not only elevates the space but also makes those cold morning foot landings a little more bearable.

So, roll out that rug and let the good vibes roll in! We hope now you know how to put a rug under a bed by yourself easily.