Savant vs Control4 – Best Option to Choose in 2023

Savant vs Control4 – To reiterate, the choice between Savant and Control4 is a matter of personal preference.

For users who prioritize a seamless user interface, top-notch AV experience, and luxury, Savant is the ideal choice.

Meanwhile, Control4’s strong points lie in its scalability, customization, and cost-effectiveness, making it perfect for homeowners looking for a more gradual transition to a smart home.

Savant vs Control4

Savant vs Control4

When we think about the future, our minds are often filled with visions of smart homes filled with interconnected devices that effortlessly manage our daily routines.

While this once seemed like a science fiction dream, companies like Savant vs Control4 have turned it into reality.

However, you might find yourself wondering – which of these two is the perfect fit for your smart home?

Let’s dive into a detailed comparison between these two industry heavyweights Savant vs Control4.

Understanding the Landscape

Before we get started, it’s crucial to understand the nature of both systems. Savant, renowned for its luxury-oriented approach, promises a blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Control4, on the other hand, is recognized for its cost-effective, highly customizable solutions.

Both companies provide a similar suite of features, including control of lighting, temperature, security, entertainment, and much more.

However, the differentiation lies in the detail.

Ease of Use and User Interface

The cornerstone of any smart home system is the ease of use it offers to the user. Here’s where Savant truly shines. It boasts a user-friendly, intuitive interface, letting you operate your smart home with minimal effort.

Customizable scenes add to this by allowing you to preset your daily routines into your system.

In contrast, Control4 offers a more standard interface, which, while functional, lacks the polish and customizability Savant brings.

In terms of controlling the systems, both offer a range of options, including remotes, touch screens, mobile apps, and voice control.

Savant’s Pro Remote, with its voice control and touchscreen, gives it an edge over Control4’s standard remote.

However, both systems support third-party voice control systems, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Customizability and Integration

Control4 gains ground in the domain of customizability and third-party integration. A truly flexible system, Control4 allows you to integrate with a wide range of devices from various brands.

Savant also supports third-party devices but to a lesser extent, preferring to promote their own hardware ecosystem.

Control4’s edge becomes more apparent when we discuss scalability. For those planning a phased transition to a smart home or anticipating future additions, Control4’s adaptability makes it a superior choice.

Savant, on the other hand, is better suited for users who prefer an all-at-once installation.

Audio-Visual Experience

When it comes to AV, Savant has a transparent edge. Its systems are renowned for high-quality multi-room audio and video experiences, making it an audiophile and cinephile delight.

Savant’s TrueImage, an innovative technology that lets you control your lights by clicking on pictures of your actual light fixtures, also brings an additional layer of immersion.

Control4 doesn’t lag far behind, though. While it may not have TrueImage, it still offers high-quality AV solutions.

Its partnership with leading companies like Triad Speakers ensures that users still get a top-tier home theater experience.

Energy Efficiency and Security

Energy efficiency is where these systems truly shine. Both Savant vs Control4 provide automated climate and lighting control, allowing you to save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Both systems also support integrating with leading security solutions, enabling you to keep your home safe and secure at all times.

Cost [Savant vs Control4]

Finally, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the cost. Control4, with its cost-effective approach, is more accessible to the average homeowner. Savant, with its luxury-focused offerings, comes with a higher price tag.

However, it’s crucial to remember that cost often translates into quality, and with Savant, you’re investing in an exceptional user experience.

Deep Dive into Performance and Hardware

Having given a bird’s eye view of these smart home systems, it’s only fair that we go into a bit more detail about performance and hardware specifics. This extra layer of information could be the deciding factor for some users.

Performance-wise, both Savant and Control4 systems deliver exceptional efficiency.

They’re designed to handle numerous tasks simultaneously without any lag. However, the experience differs slightly due to their hardware components.

Savant leverages its proprietary hardware, such as their top-notch Pro Host and Pro Remote. The Pro Host’s processing power ensures smooth operation, even in extensive home setups.

The Pro Remote brings elegance with its high-resolution touchscreen, which offers customized control and Siri voice command functionality.

Control4, alternatively, isn’t tied to proprietary hardware, allowing users to incorporate devices from various brands.

However, the company does provide its own hardware options, like the EA Series controllers.

These controllers are cost-effective and reliable, even if they lack the sophisticated aesthetic of Savant’s offering.

Multi-room Audio-Visual Capabilities

We touched on the audio-visual capabilities earlier, but let’s delve deeper into what sets Savant apart. Savant offers an unparalleled multi-room AV experience, incorporating advanced technologies like video tiling. With video tiling, you can view up to nine sources on one screen simultaneously.

This feature is a dream come true for sports enthusiasts or anyone who wants the ability to monitor multiple streams at once.

Control4 is no slouch either, especially with its high-definition matrix switches. These devices enable you to distribute video and audio sources to different rooms efficiently.

However, it falls short of providing the advanced video tiling features that Savant does.

In-Depth Look at Scalability and Installation

Scalability is a vital aspect to consider for those planning a phased transition to a smart home. As mentioned before, Control4 has an edge here due to its flexibility.

Control4’s Director software allows for the seamless addition of new devices and functionalities. It caters well to those who prefer to enhance their smart home over time.

Savant’s approach, however, is more geared towards a holistic initial setup. They offer a comprehensive package with the guarantee of perfect compatibility between devices.

Savant does support adding new functionalities and devices but to a lesser degree than Control4.

Personalization and Automation

A noteworthy feature that sets Savant apart is the level of personalization. Savant allows users to set up scenes – pre-programmed settings that control multiple devices simultaneously based on user habits or needs.

For example, a “Morning” scene could slowly raise the lights, gently increase the room temperature, and start the coffee maker, all before you get out of bed.

While Control4 also offers scenes, Savant’s interface makes creating and modifying them more intuitive.

Savant’s use of actual room images in its interface, as opposed to abstract icons, provides a more immersive control experience.


The choice between Savant vs Control4 depends on what you value most. For an intuitive user experience and a luxurious feel, Savant is the way to go.

For those seeking a cost-effective, flexible, and highly customizable solution, Control4 is the clear choice.

Whichever you choose, you’re taking a significant step towards making your home smarter and your life more convenient. Welcome to the future!