How to Move to Toronto [Ontario, Canada]?

Toronto is the center of a bustling metropolis, with over six million people living, working, and loving in Canada’s largest city. Moving to this city is a unique experience that should fill you with excitement.

One thing that might be holding off the excitement is the prospect of living in a completely new city or country. Canada is open to welcoming new residents and offers multiple immigration programs, making the process of moving there so much easier.

How to Move to Toronto?

How to Move to Toronto

5 Ways to Simplify Your Move to Toronto

To simplify your move to Toronto, read on for five fantastic tips to help you do just that:

  • Climate

If you are moving to Toronto from a country where the only wardrobe change you make in winter is to add a jacket, prepare yourself for a whole new way of living.

Winter in most of Canada means frigid temperatures and loads of snow – which does not have to be a bad thing. It will mean that you will get to experience a white Christmas and get plenty of opportunities to learn how to ski.

Invest in good quality winter wear and thermal gear – especially if you are not used to cold weather.

  • Brunch

Toronto has a well-known culinary culture that is both exciting and terrifying. It is only terrifying if you are trying to watch your weight! 

Luckily, Toronto does not just offer delicious food options and exceptionally stylish homes – there are also multiple indoor and outdoor activities that you can take part in to work off all of those extra calories.

Most people in Toronto are food-forward, especially when it comes to brunch. Brunch is quite possibly the most popular meal in the city, so be prepared to make restaurant reservations for this beloved meal time.

  • Home Research

Toronto is one of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in the world.

It will take time for you to find the perfect place to call home, and that will require you to research the neighborhoods and put together a list of all the things you want from your chosen home base.

Factor in things like safety, schooling, and public transport – not to mention friendly and like-minded neighbors. In the meantime, choose short term rentals in Toronto and take the appropriate amount of time to find your sanctuary.

  • Look Down Below

It may seem a little post-apocalyptic at first, but Toronto has an entire network of the city that spans almost twenty kilometers, and here is the kicker – it is all underground.

The PATH system is located under the city and makes for an insane shopping experience. Before you think the worst, it was designed to offer locals and tourists a safe place to shop when the temperatures above ground are thirty below.

  • Learn to Tip Well

Toronto has a strong tipping culture, with most restaurants and bars expecting a fifteen to twenty percent gratuity. 

Carrying cash for tipping is helpful, but it is not a necessity – most places give you the option to add the tip to your bill and settle it by card or through a payment app.

Tips for moving to Toronto, Ontario, Canada:


  • Start your housing search early as the rental market moves fast in Toronto. Be ready to provide the first and last month’s rent.
  • Choose neighborhoods carefully as Toronto has very defined neighborhoods that vary greatly. Research transit access, safety, amenities, etc.
  • Have all necessary documents ready for your rental application like credit checks, references, letters of employment, etc.

Cost of Living

  • Toronto has a relatively high cost of living compared to other Canadian cities, especially for housing, transit, and food. Make a detailed moving budget.
  • Reduce costs by using public transit, shopping at cheaper grocery stores, limiting eating out, etc. Consider getting roommates.
  • Understand different utilities costs – electricity, heating, water, garbage, internet, and cell phone plans. These add up.

Employment and Finance

  • Update your resume to Canadian standards and leverage your networks to find a job. Be open-minded.
  • Get your credentials evaluated for Canadian equivalency through a body like WES.
  • Open a Canadian bank account as soon as possible. Have at least 6 months of living costs in savings.

Settling In

  • Register for Canada’s healthcare system by applying for your OHIP card online or in person.
  • Consider distances. Toronto is massive and you need transit passes or a car. A G license is required for fully licensed drivers.
  • Canadians can be polite yet reserved at first. Be patient making new social connections by joining groups/activities.

Bring Proper Documents

  • Have copies of your passport, identity documents, medical immunization records, apartment lease, resume, etc. Hand carries these copies.

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To End:

Toronto is one of the best cities in the world, brimming with opportunities for work and love – you just need to be yourself and embrace the city for all that it has to offer.