Best Backyard Golf Games and Outdoor Fun

Best Backyard Golf Games and Outdoor Fun – Whoever said that golf was a serious game clearly hadn’t taken a swing in my backyard! Sure, the pros have their PGA Tours, but we, my dear readers, have the illustrious (and occasionally, hilarious) realm of backyard golf games.

Say goodbye to the exclusivity of golf clubs and embrace the inclusivity of, well, actual clubs – the kind you swing in your backyard.

Best Backyard Golf Games and Outdoor Fun

Best Backyard Golf Games

The Rise of Backyard Golf Games

The legend goes that golf began with a few bored shepherds knocking around stones with sticks. If that’s not the epitome of backyard fun, I don’t know what is.

Over the years, golf has dressed itself up, sipped on expensive champagne, and walked the red carpets of upscale golf courses.

But deep down, it’s still that fun-loving shepherd’s game. And why do we love it? For starters, you can play wearing your worn-out slippers. No judgment here.

Essential Equipment and Setup

Before we tee off, let’s chat gear. You’ll need:

  1. Golf Clubs: No, not those shiny ones that cost an arm and a leg. A simple wedge and putter will do.
  2. Balls: The golf variety, please! Keep those cheeky comments for game night.
  3. Targets: Think cones, buckets, or nets. If you’re in a pinch, that empty beer can from last night works too.

And a word of wisdom: Safety first. Don’t go swinging wild when Aunt Susan is in the firing range, hoping to catch a tan.

Top 10 Best Backyard Golf Games 2023

1. Pitch ‘n’ Putt:

Ah, the classic! A simple game of precision. Set up multiple targets, assign point values, and let the race to glory (or at least bragging rights) begin.
Why try it? Because it’s golf in its purest backyard form. And it’s the perfect way to remind your pals who’s boss.

2. Golf Cornhole:

Yes, we went there. Combine the thrill of golf with the challenge of cornhole.
Why try it? There’s a certain satisfaction in hearing that thud as the ball lands spot on.

3. Chipping Challenges:

Arrange a series of chipping stations. The closer you get to the target, the more points you earn.
Why? Let’s be honest. We all need a place to channel our inner Phil Mickelson, even if our audience is just a curious squirrel.

4. Golf Beer Pong:

Like the college classic but with golf clubs and balls. And maybe less beer (or not).
Why try it? Because college may be over, but our impeccable aim and love for beer remain undiminished.

5. Miniature (Putt Putt) Golf Course:

Create your own backyard Augusta. Include obstacles like garden gnomes or that inflatable pool you’ve been too lazy to set up.
Why? It’s the Masters Tournament, minus the green jacket. Plus, you might finally find out who’s been moving your garden gnome every night.

6. Golf Bocce:

Two ancient games in one! Try to get your golf ball closest to the “jack” or target ball.
Why? Because it’s so old, it’s new again. Also, it’s bocce. With golf. Enough said.

7. Longest Drive Competition:

Mark out a stretch in your backyard. Everyone gets three attempts. May the longest drive win!
Why? To prove that you’ve still got it. And if you don’t, there’s always the next game.

8. Golf Darts:

Set up a dartboard-like target. Each section has points. Simple, right? Not when you’re using golf balls!
Why? Darts + Golf = Double Fun. Basic math.

9. Around the World Putting:

Putt the ball through a series of obstacles in sequence. Travel the world in your backyard!
Why? Because real travel is expensive. This? Not so much.

10. One Club Wonder:

Choose one club. That’s it. That’s the game. Use it for every kind of shot.
Why try it? Humility. And to test your creativity. And to laugh. A lot.

Making Backyard Golf More Fun

Want a twist? Play at night. Glow-in-the-dark balls or LED gear can turn your yard into a veritable disco. Or challenge your mates to a blindfolded round. Because why not?

Other Related Outdoor Fun Activities

Beyond golf, there’s a world of outdoor fun waiting:

  • Footgolf: Soccer + Golf. Wear your favorite soccer jersey, just because.
  • Frisbee Golf: Less club, more arm. And probably a lot of running.
  • Bocce Ball: It’s like bowling, minus the ugly shoes.
  • Lawn Darts: Remember these? Think darts, but bigger. And on grass.

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If you’ve made it this far and are not already outside setting up your own backyard golf game, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s for sheer fun, a little friendly competition, or simply an excuse to hang out with friends and family, these games are a hole-in-one!